20 traditional Spanish dishes

It’s no secret that studying abroad strengthens your foreign language skills — to the point of fluency! But a country is much more than its language. It is its people: the culture they practice, the humor they laugh at, and the food they eat!
If you’re studying abroad in Spain, you’ll notice a much different rhythm when it comes to mealtimes. Spaniards usually eat four meals a day: el desayuno (breakfast), el almuerzola merienda (afternoon snack), and la cena (dinner). When you study abroad immerse yourself in Spain’s language and culture. Treat your food as the locals would: slow down, eat plenty, and enjoy the vibrancy and uniqueness of each meal!
Below, check out an infographic from TakeLessons, featuring 20 traditional Spanish dishes. Each popular dish listed has strong historical ties to specific regions in Spain. Follow the numbered guide to see the geographic region linked to each Spanish dish.
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