5 Reasons to Visit Morocco

Last weekend, almost all of our spring study abroad group packed their bags and left for Morocco as part of a planned Centro Mundolengua trip. For almost everyone, Africa was an uncharted land despite its proximity to the south of Spain. In just a few short days in Africa, the group experienced this new land and made the most of this new place. Memories of the 7am departure (a tad early for most of the students and myself) and heavily-delayed returning ferry are much less clear than some of the amazing things Morocco had to offer. This post will highlight the five main reasons why everyone should consider traveling to Morocco and detail our experience in the process.
5 – Cliffsides / Beaches
When I heard others talk about Morocco before this trip, nothing was ever said about the awesome beaches or cliffs. This is a hidden perk of Morocco and I’m so glad our group got to spend some time along the coast before taking the ferry back to Spain. The water had that nice, blue color and the beaches were quite large. We didn’t visit in the summer so swimming was out of the question, but just being able to spend time on the beach and breathe in the ocean air was enjoyable and refreshing.
4 – Food
Just about everyone in our study abroad group seemed surprised with the extremely high quality of the food we ate throughout our trip. From spiced chicken to couscous to a seemingly infinite amount of mint tea, all that we consumed was fresh and delicious.  During meals, plates of unfinished food were passed from one table of students to another. In three days of traveling, I didn’t see a single piece of food or consumable item go to waste. Moroccan food is simply amazing.
3 – The Blue Pearl
The centerpiece of our trip was Chefchaouen, a city in northern Morocco known as “The Blue Pearl”. The majority of the center of the city is painted in different shades of blue to repel mosquitos. The finished product is truly a sight to behold. The turning of every corner is a discovery and no two blue streets are the same; the doors, shades of blue, and buildings all change whilst walking through the center of town. I don’t know of anywhere else in the world quite like Chefchaouen and the students seemed to love The Blue Pearl.
2 – Hiking / Nature
The majority of our Saturday was spent hiking through the nearby mountains. We trekked through mud, walked through fields of wildflowers, and admired the mountains that we passed. During this time, we were surrounded by herds of sheep, cats, wild dogs (they were very friendly), and enough goats to film a goat documentary. All of us were surprised at how quickly the area surrounding Chefchaouen changed from city to stunning, raw nature.
1 – Culture
Perhaps the most important thing about these trips is experiencing a new culture. Despite its proximity to Spain, Morocco is a completely different land. The geography differs, people speak a different language as their mother tongue, and the customs and traditions are unique to the land. Throughout our time in Morocco, we learned about the history of The Blue Pearl, the different religions of the country, ate different food, and tried to understand this new country.
Perhaps the most important part of traveling is learning that the entire world is not our home country. This world has geography and cultures of every type that can be imagined. While Morocco is different from the USA, we found ourselves welcomed as guests by just about everyone we met. We ate new food, saw new places, and learned about the Moroccan culture in the coolest way possible. Our students appeared to have a great time and we can only hope our next group finds the same joy in this foreign land or another. Centro Mundolengua provides amazing international experiences for individuals and groups alike and we hope you can join us abroad if you have not joined us already.


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