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A day of firsts

Today was IS a day of firsts. It was my first time flying to a different country alone, exploring a city completely unknown to me, accidentally eating meat for the first time (sorry mom), and most importantly my first endeavour in attempting to condense my thoughts, cohesively. Who would’ve thought the day would come.

Soooo…here goes nothing!!

It’s all so surreal and sudden to say the least, but there is one comforting notion through it all, something that makes me feel as though I truly am at home, even from 4,418 miles away. Spanish. Home is where the heart is right?

Oh also Starbucks, a guilty homely comfort, sorry I am an American teenage girl though so did you really expect anything else?

Jokes aside, I think it all began the day I won our class contest determining who could roll their R’s for the longest duration, (I think I’ll put that one on my resume!!) It was always second nature, so much so that I would dream in Spanish as a child and no, not just about Enrique Iglesias. Being here in Sevilla represents the culmination of a little girls idea that her knowledge of Spanish meant she knew a secret language, to finishing AP Spanish this year with some of the fondest memories and finally having an honest and true answer when asked about what my favorite class was/is/continues to be.

Quick and absolutely necessary shoutout to Senorita Constenla and the Spamilia without whom I probably wouldn’t be attending a flamenco dancing class TOMORROW. Low key very pumped.

Despite a crazy journey, a few missed flights/trains, and some lost bags; only does it really sink in when your dad can’t carry your suitcase for you anymore and you actually have to keep track of your own things (I promise its way harder than it sounds). Thanks for that Dad, oh and happy fathers day:)

Somewhere between “loosing my phone” and realizing I forgot my headphones at home, I began to realize for the first time that no matter where my phone was, the plane was going to take off. Also maybe the headphones they offer you on the plane aren’t so shabby after all. In other words, the shallow realization, no matter how many times I had heard It before, had finally hit: the world continues to spin and frankly it doesn’t revolve around me.

BTW after I subjected the poor man next to me to 30 minutes of going through our things, using his find my Iphone, alerting the air hostess, and probably the entire flight my phone was missing, it turned up. In my seat pocket…

Beyond excited to jump into this new adventure in Spain with a fresh perspective, and see all the things that go on without my knowledge every single day! Stay tuned for Mucho mas De Mira, and thanks for reading, even if it is just you, mom.

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