Celebrating the 4th of July Abroad

The 4th of July is a day in the United States reserved for cookouts, time with family and friends, and most importantly, fireworks. So, what do you do if you don´t happen to be in the United States during this time? Sadly, this holiday is not celebrated anywhere else, they have their own Independence Days to celebrate, which can be a challenging aspect of study abroad, in regards to all holidays. However, here at Centro MundoLengua we always make sure to celebrate as one big family with our students.

We also had the pleasure of having a professional photographer come and take pictures of the students. This way, the students could still enjoy an amazing and unforgettable experience for their first, and possibly not last, 4th of July celebrated in Spain. Everyone made sure to rally behind the American flag, put on their red, white, and blue swag, and attempt to dress the part as well, in order to celebrate this day together. Maybe next year we´ll find a way to be able to influce fireworks.

Finally, our students taking part in the Pre-AP Spanish Language Program were able to finish off their 4th of July festivities with a visit to the world famous, Plaza de España. Here they were able to enjoy a boat ride around the plaza, a four-seater bike ride, and they were able to brave feeding the pigeons that frequent this amazing place.

And while this 4th of July may have been vastly different than any that the students were used in the past, it was definitely an experience worth having. Besides, different doesn´t always mean bad.

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