Christmas in Spain, Seville

Christmas in Spain – How much do you know?

A short overview of what Christmas in Spain is like

Depending on where you’re from, the festive December period in your country may be much different to your typical Christmas in Spain. For example, you’d expect the Spaniards to have Christmas dinner on the 25th like in the U.S right? Wrong – they eat it on Christmas Eve! Furthermore, Christmas day tends to have a calmer atmosphere; this is most probably because you don’t get presents on the 25th… If you spend Christmas in Spain, then you should receive presents on the 6th of January! (I guess they predicted that January sales would be a thing!)
January 6th is known as “Día de los Reyes Magos”, it is to celebrate the Three Kings who came to give gifts to baby Jesus. On the night before, the children leave, milk, biscuits and cakes for the Them! However, before this, a “Paje Real” comes to collect all the Christmas cards to give to the Three Kings, as the Spaniards believe that it is the them who give out the presents. 

Interesting traditions

“Día de los Santos Inocentes” is on the 28th of December. It is basically the Spanish version of April Fool’s day! An odd yet funny tradition is the caganer… The caganer is from Catalonia, it is a little figurine which is commonly put in a belén (nativity scene) of someone pooping! Each year new versions of el caganer are made – they are usually of celebrities and politicians! Furthermore, the nativity scenes here in Spain tend to be quite elaborate and large! They can be spotted in town squares and shop windows.
So, with your knowledge, plus this bundle of facts – How well do you know what Christmas in Spain is like? Let’s put it to the test!

1. What is la Misa del Gallo?

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2. What is a typical gift to leave for the Reyes Magos? (the Three Kings)

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3. What is a typical sweet to have during Christmas? (pick 2)

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4. What day do Spanish people give presents?

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5. Which day is the main Christmas meal eaten in Spain?

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6. What is special about the 28th of December?

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7. What is a traditional food to have in a Christmas dinner?

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8. What shape is the Roscón de Reyes cake?

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9. What are the names of the Three Kings? (pick 3)

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10. What is a tradition that happens on día de los Reyes Magos?

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11. What is el caganer?

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12. What is el gordo?

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13. For how long has the Spanish lottery Christmas special gone on for?

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14. What is the New Years grape tradition?

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15. What does a “Paje Real” do?

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