Orientation walk through Seville with Avon Lake

Get to Know Seville

When studying abroad in new city it is imperative that you get to know the surrounding area so that you don´t get lost and so that you can enjoy yourself to the maximum degree; this is especially important when moving to a city that speaks another language. Therefore, at Centro MundoLengua we always make sure that our students have an orientation walk through Seville after their first day of class. Yesterday I was able to accompany our AP Spanish students from Avon Lake and Marist School on their walk as they attempted to navigate themselves around the most important areas of Seville. The manner in which their coordinator, Mario, led the activity helped the students truly learn how to get around the city while also helping them learn Spanish. He did this by only talking and responding to the students in Spanish, giving them each a map and having them lead the group to each destination, and by informing them about each area that they went to. The activity wasn´t all work, because we started off with an ice cream break before the orientation, in order to have some energy to walk throughout Seville.

I was able to ask two of the students what they thought about the activity and how they benefited from it. Both said that it was an awesome experience and that learning how to use the map was incredibly helpful, plus, who doesn´t love free ice cream? Their favorite things that they saw during the walk were the Cathedral of Seville, which they will get to visit in detail at another date, and Calle Sierpes, which is the main shopping street in the city. The best part of the entire activity was that all of the students from Avon Lake and Marist School truly felt like they had learned from the activity and were able to use the information later that day to go shopping and navigate the city; that statement alone makes everything worth it. And, if all else fails, google maps works without Wifi.

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