Studying abroad in Seville

Life in Sevilla — My First Month

Hola Amigos!

On January 20th I embarked on an excited journey to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain. ( Seville is the American/English name if you were confused). The past 5 days have been a mix of amazing adventures and a lot of jet lag. I left for Spain feeling excited and the usual nervousness that comes with anticipation. After over a day of traveling(including 3 planes, a few security checks and one neck pillow) I found my self stepping out of the Sevillan Airport and following a program director into a taxi. I was tired from the traveling but my eyes were glued to the window as the city, that was my new home for the next 4 months, passed by.  Our taxi pulled to a stop and I stepped into the most beautiful street I have ever seen. It was raining slightly which is very rare for Spain and I found my self walking through small streets lined with cafes and orange trees.

Orange tree in Seville

Orange tree in Seville

That night I met my homestay family, unpacked and had my first meal! The next morning I met everyone in the program in Plaza Nueva, which is one of the main plazas in the heart of the city. We had a welcome brunch at a local hotel and we meet everyone who works for Central Mundolengua. After brunch we made our way to sightsee through the city. Just walking through the city was breath taking. That day we visited the Alcazar de Sevilla, one of the most famous locations here. It is the oldest palace in Europe that is still in use.The fusion of Islamic and Christian architecture reflects the history of the city as it changed from an islamic settlement to a christian one. This fountain is a famous part of the Palace which leads to an incredible garden.

Visiting the Alcazar of Seville

Visiting the Alcazar – Photo by Cara Coffin

After visiting the Alcazar de Sevilla we went back to eat with our host families. We spent the rest of the day walking around the city getting familiar with the small allies that connect into bigger plazas. When the sun goes down the city comes alive.

The next day we spent more time walking around the city. We visited the el Catedral. This cathedral is incredible. You can see it most places in Sevilla includes a tower that allows you to see the whole city. much like Washington DC, there is a law that restricts the heights of buildings so most buildings are only 4 stories tall. This makes the Cathedral and tower stand out.  We climbed to the top and saw the most beautiful view.

Visiting the Cathedral

Visiting the Cathedral 

The rest of the week has included exploring the streets and finding places for tapas and cafe during the day. This city is small enough so that walking around I already run into friends and people I have met. After taking our entrance exam to take classes at Universidad de Pablo Olavide (UPO), we received our class schedule. The first week was an add drop period and we were able to change our schedule around. I am taking 5 clases including:

In Spanish: 

  • Advanced Conversation
  • Phonetics
  • Spanish Business
  • Cooking: Tapas

In English: 

  • International Marketing

Pablo de Olavide university

Pablo de Olavide University

So far I have visited Cordoba and Cadiz on weekend trips and I am getting ready for our program trip to Morocco this weekend!! The following weekend we have a 5 day break and I have planed a trip to Paris! There are many exciting places to visit and I hope to travel a lot during the next few months while I am here. I have only been here a month and already I love Sevilla!!!! The city is beautiful and everyone is welcoming and friendly!


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