Pre-AP Spanish Language Program

New Week, New Students

A new week means the arrival of new students and us here at Centro MundoLengua couldn´t be happier. Our newest groups of students come from multiple schools all across the United States: Cranbrook Schools in Michigan, Glenbrook South High School in Illinois, Avon Lake in Ohio, Marist School in Georgia, Patrick Henry High School in California, Gateway High School in Florida, and other individual students from various schools. This week marks the beginning of our Pre-AP Spanish programs in order to help prepare the students for their upcoming year taking this course; the course is also offered to students who have already taken AP Spanish as a means of preparing them for college level courses. As someone who took AP Spanish about five years ago, and sadly received a 2 on the AP exam, I can only imagine how prepared the students will feel after their two weeks here.

Today I had the opportunity to speak with two of our students, one who has already taken AP Spanish and one who is going to during the upcoming school year, about their decision to study abroad and their expectations for the program. Both students said that they decided to study abroad with Centro MundoLengua for a few reasons. Their teachers had recommended the program to them due to past experience, they feel like they can truly be immersed in the culture, it´s the best way to learn Spanish, and lastly because it is an opportunity to leave home and experience the world. They also feel like taking part in this program will greatly help them improve their Spanish, feel more confident in their abilities, and be more prepared for the AP Spanish course. My favorite response that they gave me was when I asked them for what their end goal of the program is, and they responded that they hope to be able to converse with anyone they meet. Lastly, I asked them what they were most looking forward to during their time in Spain. One student responded that he is looking forward to the excursion to Cadiz because there the students can go to the beach and take surfing lessons, while the other student said that she is looking forward to Isla Mágica, Seville´s amusement park. We´re most looking forward to the time that we will have with our new students and for this opportunity to watch them improve and grow in this wonderful country.

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