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Seeing Seville in Two Weeks

Every city has many experiences to offer, all of which are new and exciting for tourists. It is impossible, however, to fit everything into one trip, right? Two weeks ago, I would have said no one could get to know a city in two weeks, but I think the Centro Mundolengua program might be able to help students do the impossible.

I arrived in Seville for the AP Spanish program expecting to see and learn a lot about the city, but I was still surprised by how much we got to experience during the two week program. We saw all of the major sights(la Catedral, las Setas, el Real Alcázar, la Plaza de España, etc.), and somehow we still found time to experience a ton off other fun activities. We kayaked on the Guadalquivir River, tried out different styles of dance (salsa, Zumba, and flamenco), went out for tapas, cooked paella, and went on a bike tour of the city. We saw a flamenco show, played soccer in a local park, attended a rock concert, went on a film tour of Seville, and completed scavenger hunts in María Luisa Park and Barrio Santa Cruz. Besides all of the group activities, each class took field trips to see the parts of the city that connected to what we were studying.

By having a required activity every afternoon and an optional activity every night, Centro Mundolengua ensures that every student sees a lot of the city and that there are options to see even more. I almost always chose to attend the night activities, which were the best way to get to know other students and see a different side of the city. I can’t think of any activities that I did not enjoy. Every day I would leave the activity thinking that it was the best one yet, but the next day I would think the same thing! Each activity was a great mix between learning and fun that led to an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Nobody wanted to leave Seville after two weeks, but everyone felt that we had experienced the best parts of the city thanks to the many different activities available in the AP Program.


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