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Seville Through Film

Did you know that Seville is not only famous for its architecture, culture, and food, but that it is also famous for being a world-renowned film location? A number of different television shows and movies from all over the world have been filmed on the very streets that our study abroad students have the chance to live on. Due to its architectural history and the amount of preservation that goes into the monuments in Seville, there are a number of unique sites and structures that have been highlighted in various works. A few of the different movies and TV shows that have been filmed here include: Knight and Day in the Plaza de Toros (bull-fighting ring), Kingdom of Heaven and Game of Thrones in Reales Alcázar, Carmen in the University of Seville, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in the Plaza de España. If you come to Seville, I highly recommend that you watch these films beforehand in order to gain the surreal experience of being on Naboo when walking through the Plaza de España.

In order to truly experience these works in their place of origin, our Pre-AP Spanish Language and Literature students took a trip to each location and reenacted the pivotal scenes that were filmed in each spot. However, it was not enough to merely act out the scenes in their locations, so the students also put on costumes in order to mirror their film counterparts. All of the students who participated said it was very fun and was very interesting to learn about because, although they were aware with the source material, they were unaware that they had been filmed in the place that they were living. Here are a few videos of our students reenacting some scenes and practicing their Spanish. Who knows, maybe they´ll be asked to play a part the next time something is filmed here.

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