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Insights of what it’s like to Study Abroad in Seville as a Teenager.


An interview with Peter Colebourne, a teenager who chose to Study Abroad in Seville.

Everyone loves going on holiday right? But I suppose it’s different if you’re on holiday with your family. You don’t have to worry about anything really… You don’t really need to have your thinking cap on. Plus the fact that you’re with your family, you feel at home. However what if you go abroad without them and stay with a host family? Plus what if during that week or two you’re also learning Spanish with your classmates who will also study abroad in Seville? How different will this make the experience?..

teenager who Study Abroad in Seville in la catedral

I had just spent 3 hours with Peter and the other teens who currently study abroad in Seville – we did a lot of activities! We went to the Plaza de España and learnt some facts about it. Everyone’s favorite fact was that a Star Wars scene was filmed there! We recreated some photos and everyone loved it. They then went into these little boats and went rowing around the Plaza de España. Very peaceful.

students who Study Abroad in Seville are rowing

But then the atmosphere changed… This was because the next activity was a competition. A treasure hunt! The teenagers from the Anglo American school of Moscow teamed up in groups. They were given clues (in Spanish!) and some 4-seater-bicycles. The first team to complete all the tasks won some prizes!

Study Abroad in Seville Teenagers Activities

How is the program organized?

The program is quite compact. They want to fit as many activities as possible and make the most out of it. But then they also give us free time. We usually have lunch with the other students who study abroad in Seville, or we do more exploring. It’s a way to give us a sort of growth space. It’s so that we can make more of our own decisions; just like in schools how they slowly edge you to make your own choices.”

Study Abroad in Seville Teens at la Catedral

Is it scary to study abroad in Seville on a school trip?

Peter had never flown out of Russia without his parents.
“I was kind of nervous. I thought it could be a step up from just travelling within the country. It is much different to what I’m used to in Russia. Then I got here, extremely nervous. Things I don’t know, super hot when I’m used to the cold… But that all wore off quickly and I’m enjoying it a lot now.”

Teenagers who Study Abroad in Seville doing Activity

What’s your favorite typical Spanish food?

“Oh Churros are really good, especially dipped in chocolate. They’re quick to make too. Paella is also really tasty, the ones with tiger prawns are great. At first it scares me with the eyeballs and stuff but you just have take it apart and eat it.” Yum.

Teens who Study Abroad in Seville Waiting for Paella

How do you make your way around?

“Well Seville isn’t a complicated city when it comes to moving around. We usually get the bus to the meeting points. We can also just walk, it’s pretty simple. I like to walk so I get to see the city. There are lots of horses in Seville. It’s strange as I’m not used to seeing horses in a city…”

horse and carriage

What surprised you about Seville?

“Well many things can surprise us. The other day I saw lots of Martial Artists practicing in the Plaza de España. It was really cool. There’s a lot to do in general. There are many historical places. The cathedral streets are always packed. I like to observe the people there. It’s interesting because you can see what the Spanish habits are like and what they’re interested in. They don’t cram into the cathedral, but the Plaza de España is always busy. Apparently even Martial Artists go there too.”

Teens who Study Abroad in Seville Teens outside la Giralda

What’s it like living with a host family?

“I really like living with the host family. They’re really friendly, even if I’m repetitive with questions. They don’t know much English so we mainly speak Spanish. The family tries hard to help us understand.”

You can partner up and live with another teenager who’s doing their study abroad in Seville. You can even share with 2 other friends! This is what Madeline, Katya and Dimitra (as pictured below) chose to do! Click here to find out more about living with a host family!

Madeline, Katya and Dimitra who Study Abroad in Seville Rowing

Peter then elaborated about what he has learnt from his host family…

“I get on with the daughter too. It’s fun to hang out with her and learn Spanish and other things about their culture. I feel that the Spanish love sandals. It’s like part of the Spanish culture that you have to wear sandals at home, I just go with it.”

What are the different ways you learn Spanish?

“All the instructions for the activities are in Spanish. I really like it because it’s a good way to learn and you can always ask what a word means if you don’t understand. As you’re with other friends who study abroad in Seville, it’s not awkward to ask. I then add it to my dictionary and try to use it throughout the day. In the classroom they also have many different methods of teaching. They teach with lots of games. I like it because it keeps us interested.”

class who Study Abroad in Seville doing an Activities

So how does all that sound? To me it sounds like a pretty cool adventure! Whether you’ve studied Spanish for years or you’re just a beginner, if you think you’d like to study abroad in Seville then have a look at our programs online!

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