Studying in Cádiz – The Experience of a Lifetime

Six years ago, I signed up for a summer language program in Cádiz with barely any expectations, other than building on my basic skills and getting to know fellow Spanish students from around the world. It was my first trip abroad on my own, so naturally I was very nervous and anxious. However, as soon as I met my host family, I felt completely at home. I couldn’t believe how well organized the whole trip was, from the first day until the very last. Every single MundoLengua employee welcomed me with open arms and I learned so much from the lessons included in the program, as well as the cultural activities that took place outside the classroom. There were so many fun things to do such as attending cooking classes with local students our age and going on scavenger hunts throughout the city with guides and instructors of the language program. In fact, I was so impressed with the whole program that I decided to return the following summer, for an even longer period of time. A lot of the staff remembered me from the previous summer, which made me feel even more comfortable and at home than I already was. I was even able to stay with my host family for a second time, which contributed to the success of the trip. Both experiences inspired me to study the Spanish language and culture in depth throughout my university years and beyond.


I recently graduated from university in Canada and have returned to Europe to focus on future studies. I wanted to take a year off before starting my Master’s studies, so I decided to reconnect with MundoLengua and take some intensive classes in Sevilla to keep up with my Spanish. Everyone there welcomed me with open arms, just like many years before, and they were so kind to me while I was preparing my trip with them. Everything was so well organized and explained to me once again, and I found the communication through email to be very straightforward and effective. This made the preparations very easy for me, which was great. The moment I arrived in Sevilla I felt like I was home again after so many years. Although there were some new faces, I felt very comfortable with everyone right away. From the housing arrangements to the classes and personalized schedule, everything worked out well. I felt so happy and excited to go to class everyday and spend time with my host family, and I learned so much on top of everything I knew and learned in university. This was my first time with MundoLengua in the fall and I enjoyed myself just as much as in the summer, mainly thanks to the positive attitude and efforts of all the wonderful people at MundoLengua. I would like to teach languages in the future, so I will look back on these experiences with much fondness.

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