Summer in Cadiz with Centro MundoLengua

Summer in Cadiz: ¿Cómo Ser Gaditana?

Want to spend a summer studying abroad by the beach, learn a new language and travel? If so, Centro MundoLengua’s three month summer program in Cadiz, Spain is perfect for you!! We got a chance to interview one of our students Sara Maggiore about her experience studying and living in Cadiz. While Sara had studied Spanish for two years, she came to Spain to improve her Spanish language skills and experience the culture first hand. Her three months spent here transferred over as a trimester at her school in Switzerland. Sara’s program consisted of staying with a homestay family and attending a local Spanish high school. Staying with a homestay is a unique way to become immersed in both the language and culture in a more personal way. Sara commented that she loved staying with her Spanish family and her Spanish family was very welcoming and open to the experience. We asked what recommendations Sara had for adjusting to living in a homestay and she said to recognize that Spaniards eat at much later times than other cultures. A normal meal schedule includes having breakfast from 8 to 9 then waiting till around 2 for lunch which is also marks of beginning of siesta, a time in the day where people spend time relaxing with their families. Lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day since dinner isn’t served until 8, 9 or even 10 PM. For those who need to eat something in between lunch and dinner around 6PM you can have a merienda which is usually a small snack. Other than the change in meal times, Sara said she adjusted easily to living in a homestay. The family had a daughter about the same age as Sara so she was able to have a “Spanish sister” who helped her connect to other spaniards her age. Along with having a homestay experience to improve her Spanish, Sara was able to attend classes at San Felipe, a local high school. Sara took a full load of classes all of which in Spanish. Her classes ranged from Math and Sciences to Human rights, English and Spanish Literature. While it was difficult to adjust to the different teaching styles Sara said she was able to make friends quickly and overall it was a fast adjustment. She commented that she greatly benefited from having a whole day of schooling in Spanish and enjoyed being able to meet to new people. By the end of her three months she was completing presentations and work at the same level as the other students in Spanish.

Apart from her schooling and homestay life Sara explained some of her favorite memories from studying abroad in Cadiz. Conveniently located close to multiple beaches, Cadiz is the perfect place to be in the summer. Sara shared that her favorite pastimes included surfing, spending time with friends at the beach, eating out at restaurants and going shopping. Sara loved being able to take surfing lessons with the Cadiz Surfing Center and going to La Caleta, one of the best beaches of Cadiz. Sara said to make sure to check out stores such as Stradivarius, Bershka, which are located in the center, and the department store Corte Ingles! While Sara’s home and school were located in new cadiz she recommended visiting the historical center for shopping, restaurants and beautiful views. Along with exploring Cadiz, Sara got to go to Seville, Cordoba and Cazorla! Her favorite trip was when she got to go to Cazorla on a field trip with her school. Along with extremely increasing her language skills Sara got to fully immerse and enjoy a trimester in Cadiz. For anyone interested in doing a program like this Sara offered US the advice to go in with an open mind and be open to meeting new people. With that in mind you are sure to have a summer of a lifetime.

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