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Olivia’s Summer in Cadiz with Centro MundoLengua

Olivia Williams participated in one of Centro MundoLengua’s university programs and spent one month of her summer in Cadiz. Back home, she studies Spanish and Anthropology at the University of South Carolina. During her summer in Cadiz, she worked hard to improve her Spanish while studying at the University of Cadiz. I had the chance to talk to her about her experience studying abroad in Spain. Read all about Olivia’s experience in our interview below.


What was your first impression about Spain?

Olivia: It’s very beautiful! Everything is very pretty, like in a movie.


Did you have any preconceptions before spending your summer in Cadiz

Olivia: I knew that the mealtimes are different, so everything happens later in the day. They eat lunch later, dinner later and the people go to bed late and get up late.


What do you think about those preconceptions now?

Olivia: It’s true, but I actually like it better because I am more of a night person than a morning person.

summer in Cadiz studying at the university of Cadiz

What do you think about the Spanish culture?

Olivia: At least here in Cadiz people are very very friendly all the time and really helpful. They are open to people and always talkative, so I enjoy it, I like it.


What do you like most about living in Cadiz?


Olivia: I like the pace of things. It’s just very slow and relaxed, everyone is walking really “tranquilamente” and you sit at a table, eat, and talk for a long time.  It’s fun getting in conversations and just sort of laying back.


Is there something you don’t like about living in Cadiz?

Olivia: Not much, haha, the food is different. I always like trying new foods but it’s different than I am used to. They eat more fruits and vegetables than we do back home.


Does your host family cook Spanish food for you?

Olivia: Yeah, my family is such a good choice, I love them. And the meals are so good. I am going to learn how to make tortilla de patatas from my mom this week.

studying during summer in cadiz

What is the best experience you had spending your summer in Cadiz?

Olivia: I think the family. Staying with a family really makes a big difference especially because we’re doing it for language so we can practice Spanish. I wouldn’t be able to do that nearly as much as if I wasn’t with a family, I was forced to use it.


Did your host family show you around during your summer in Cadiz?

Olivia: Yeah, we walked around or sometimes when we are outside, we just run into them and they say: oh come on let’s go here or let’s go to the beach or for some churros.


Are there any disadvantages to studying during the summer in Cadiz?

Olivia: No! Haha, it’s so nice.


Aren’t you missing home?

Olivia: No, hahaha, I like Spain a lot and I am not really a homesick person. And still, I talk to my family, Facetime them, snap them. It’s really okay.

study abroad university of Cadiz summer in Cadiz

Why did you choose Centro MundoLengua for your summer in Cadiz?

Olivia: The credit program is really good. I can get one credit for a grammar class that I need for my Spanish major and I get one for just an elective Spanish class, which I think is really good. It’s helping me, putting me way ahead in my major and it’s only one month.  Usually I am doing other things with my summer but, I don’t know, it really works with my personal university goals.


Why do you think it’s important to study abroad once in your life?

Olivia: Definitely, you just get to experience a whole different culture, a different language, or a different lifestyle. It really opens your mind to different people and I think it’s an awesome experience you cannot find somewhere else. And while you’re young, you can do it. You’re not having the same restrictions as you would when you’re older so you have to do it now.


Thank you so much Olivia, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your summer in Cadiz


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