summer program in Spain - visit to the Alcazar

My summer program in Spain with Centro MundoLengua

My experience started a few weeks before my summer program began- I reached out to my roommate Sofia to begin getting to know her and help assuage some of my concerns before the trip. We had been paired together and immediately hit it off, bonding over the crazy amount of clothing I packed. I met other Centro MundoLengua kids at the airport in Sevilla, and we quickly became friends. We even created a Snapchat group chat that only grew over the course of the Spanish immersion program.

On the first day of class, my ´´Madre´´ walked me and my roommate to the school. Before class began, we played a fun game outside to learn everyone’s name and practice our Spanish. Classes are only in the morning and are super flexible to fit each student’s comfort level. Many of my friends switched classes if they felt the level of difficulty wasn’t right. In class we played games to learn vocabulary, or went out on the street to practice speaking with locals.

During my summer program, I made friends from all over the US and world, including Atlanta, Chicago, Virginia, Kentucky, China, and Australia. Some were in my small group, some in my class, and others lived near me and we would walk together to school. This trip made it easy to connect with other people and make strong and lasting friendships all while practicing my Spanish.

Centro MundoLengua kept my friends and I very busy with afternoon and night activities. Each day I felt we did something different and were presented with plenty of beautiful places to take amazing pictures! Seriously, a few friends and I have a shared photo album with over 2000 photos. Some highlights from the first week´s activities were the views from the top of La Setas and La Giralda.

Soon it was the weekend! We were supposed to go to Portugal but it was raining, so instead we opted to go to Tarifa to explore the beach. Tarifa was absolutely beautiful and you were able to run back and forth between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean while gazing at Morocco on the skyline. This small beach town was so much fun to explore and had great shopping, I would recommend spending time exploring the shops!

The next day we also spent on a beach in Cadiz. Although it was hard to pick, I think this was my favorite day. My friends and I played a giant game of soccer on the sand, and the other team claims they won. Then we built sand castles, played a long game of cards, and taught a zumba dance. The day finished by taking lots of photos in the sand and then a long siesta on the bus! I should mention that during my summer program, everyone developed a strong loyalty to an ice cream shop down the street called Bolas. At any point in the day, there was usually one of us in there.

My second week seemed to go by even faster with nighttime karaoke, movies and bike rides- we were kept very busy. One thing I liked that was that Centro MundoLengua focused on making sure we were immersed in the culture whether it was at home eating the food, speaking the language, or participating in the activities. We also toured places with strong cultural heritage, like the Plaza de España, and learned traditional Spanish dances. Between all of our activities my roommate and I made sure to take advantage of our free time shopping on Calle Sierpes.

By the end of my summer program, I had bonded and become great friends with so many people. Of course the final goodbye had to be at Bolas, filled with tears and ice cream. I am truly going to miss my friends I made over the past two weeks, but I feel confident we will stay in touch and cross paths again.


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