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The Wonders of Flamenco

This week we were fortunate enough to welcome our newest group of study abroad students from The Shipley School in Pennsylvania to Seville. Although they have only been here for less than week, the students have already been able to experience the vast amount of culture that Seville has to offer through their classes and by living with host families. Charlie Ryan and Josh Stewart told us how they really enjoy the city, mainly due to its food and the manner in which the city is organized, making it easy to get around. They also mentioned how living with their host families is a great experience, and while the language barrier can be difficult at times, it is the best way to learn Spanish.

Our students were also able to be immersed into the culture of Seville through one of our activities that every MundoLengua students takes part in: going to see a flamenco show. Flamenco is one of the staples of Spanish culture and is a must-see for anyone traveling abroad in Spain. It is an art form that combines singer, dancing, and instruments to create an incredible performance. Within the culture of Spain there are a few different variations on flamenco, depending on where you see it, ranging from the instruments that are used to the actual presentation of the art. In regards to the presentation, there are more traditional shows that can take place anywhere, because they consist of local people performing. On the other hand, are the touristier, modern shows that utilize professionals; this does not diminish the amazing amount of talent that is present.

Being from the United States, our students knew little-to-nothing about flamenco before seeing the show. This didn´t stop them from being amazed by everyone involved in the performance and gave them the urge to see it again. The favorite aspect of the show by many students was the guitar playing. While the guitar is technically not a traditional part of flamenco, it is now present in almost every performance; it´s easy to see why it was the students´ favorite part of the performance, due to the incredible amount of speed and precision that goes into being a flamenco guitar player. We hope that through activities such as this the students who come to study abroad in Spain truly gain an understanding and appreciation for the Spanish culture.

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