Values and Mission

Our Mission

“Bringing the language and culture of Spain to a wider international audience for the benefit of all”.


We accomplish this by offering internationally recognized and accredited programs that contribute to academic, professional and personal development. Our services are designed to be educational global experiences built around cultural and linguistic understanding, delivered in a package that allows students to become productive and conscious individuals who uphold the basic principles that define good global citizenship; tolerance, multiculturalism and respect for others.

Our Values

Student Satisfaction

The welfare of students that participate in our programs is and will always be what we value above all else. Student satisfaction is our main objective, and our programs are personalized to match our students’ interests and concerns. We will consistently work to make your experience in Spain completely safe, even before you arrive, and we provide a 24 hour contact for students in case of emergency.

Expertise in our Field

Our team of qualified and talented staff have been working directly with students for years, meaning that there is absolutely no one better positioned to help you secure that dream study abroad experience than us. Our friendly, passionate team welcome any question or concern you may have, be it once you are here or during the very first phone call you make to us.

Dedication to Continuous Improvement

Our teachers and instructors undertake regular training in order to internalize the most modern and up-to-date Spanish teaching methods and practices. And of course, it is students who benefit the most from this policy.

Engagement with Society

Centro MundoLengua thoroughly promotes the importance of corporate social responsibility, in more ways than one:

    • We offer frequent scholarships and flexible payment schedules to students who would love to participate on our programs but who currently face significant economic hardships.
    • We always intend to deliver an authentic experience of Spain to students without harming the local environment and society that we live in, work in and love. We sincerely hope that every single student we receive internalizes the meaning of solidarity and making a positive impact on the society that they form a part of.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Centro MundoLengua identifies education as a fundamental human right. We therefore collaborate with projects that seek to close the gaps that exist between students thanks to differing socioeconomic backgrounds.

At Centro MundoLengua, we always encourage our students to engage with their society and to appreciate the transformational power that their actions can have in the world. We are therefore proud to offer volunteering programs to international students that enable them to make a positive impact in the world while gaining first-hand experience about issues in modern Spain. Students participating in our volunteer abroad programs are able to select the volunteer mission that is right for them from a wide range of charities and NGOS dedicated to many social causes. And our initiative together with the Gota de Leche Fundación allows any individual, student or otherwise, to make a contribution that directly benefits our local community; every 1 € / 1 $ / 1 $ CAD that is donated to the foundation through Centro MundoLengua will be matched by us.

A few of the social missions that we collaborate with or are involved in include;

Continuous Training

Centro MundoLengua works with the leading associations of teachers in the USA in order to effectively adapt the courses we offer to the current conditions and needs of the market. Furthermore, we offer scholarships that help facilitate the continuous training of the teachers that make our future a brighter place.