IB Spanish summer course in Cadiz, Spain
Prepare for your IB® Spanish course and exam in Spain!
July 10th, 2022 - July 23rd, 2022
IB® Spanish students

Preparación a la prueba de español IB®

Do you need help preparing for the IB® Español exam? This program is a golden opportunity to level up your Español, go on a study abroad adventure, and enjoy a beachside getaway, all at the same time! Based in the coastal city of Cádiz, Spain, this program provides you with a chance to live in one of the oldest cities in all of Europe. Here, you’ll find a beautiful, historic city center surrounded by golden-sand beaches and bathed in nearly endless sunshine. It’s the perfect backdrop for getting help on your IB® Spanish exam by attending this preparation course, which feature small class sizes, experienced teachers, and lessons tailored specifically to the needs of IB® Spanish students.


Study abroad at the beach!
Kick back and relax on Cadiz’s golden-sand beaches, where you can also play sports and take surfing lessons through our program!
Total Spanish immersion
Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture while living in the oldest continuously inhabited city in all of Western Europe.
Safe study abroad programs
Siéntete seguro con nuestro servicio de asistencia y supervisión 24 horas.
Class materials - study abroad in Spain
Get help on your IB® Spanish exam while enjoying a study abroad experience in Cadiz, Spain.
Family homestays
Enjoy hassle-free housing by living with one of our Spanish host families—delicious, homecooked Spanish meals included.
Sightseeing in Spain
Enjoy guided tours of historic attractions, organized excursions to other cities, and a variety of cultural, social, and recreational activities.


Cadiz is an ideal place to study abroad while getting help on your IB® Spanish exam. In the city and the surrounding province of the same name, you’ll find 3,000 years of multicultural history, 300 days of blissful sunshine, 138 kilometers (85 miles) of golden-sand beaches, and a multitude of historic attractions—one of which is the city itself, as a whole. That’s because Cadiz isn’t just an ancient city; it’s the oldest continuously-inhabited city in all of Western Europe! Here, you’ll be surrounded by cobblestone streets, bustling plazas, beautiful architecture, and charming old buildings that host a variety of local shops, restaurants, cafes, and food markets—all of which are just a short walk away from the city’s idyllic beaches.

Aprender español en Cádiz

Catedral de Cádiz

This gorgeous cathedral features intricate baroque architecture, a majestic facade, and a bell tower from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding city.

Torre Tavira

Built in the 1700s, this historic lookout tower contains a camera obscura and provides you with even more stunning views of the city.

Castillo de Santa Catalina

Originalmente una fortaleza del siglo XVII, este castillo alberga actualmente un museo de arte moderno.` century, this seaside castle now houses a modern art gallery.

The Port of Santa Maria

Este pequeño pueblo a las orillas del río Guadalete, a las afueras de Cádiz, ofrece numerosos lugares para conocer a fondo la cultura local: el Castillo de San Marcos, la Plaza de Toros, la Iglesia Mayor Prioral y el Monasterio de la Victoria.

Otros puntos de interés

Esta larga lista es sólo la punta del iceberg de todo lo que Cádiz puede ofrecer. A lo largo y ancho de toda la provincia, encontrarás preciosas estampas para tus fotografías: ruinas romanas, palacios, monumentos, museos, etc.

Día a día

IB Spanish exam summer preparation course

Getting ready for your IB® exam: IB® Spanish Exam Prep Classes

  • Get ready to succeed on the IB® Spanish exam by attending 4 engaging, interactive Spanish exam prep classes lasting 45 minutes each per day (3 hours per day in total), Monday through Friday.
  • Benefit from our program’s small class sizes (12 to 15 students), hands-on approach to teaching Spanish, and our expert teachers’ in-depth knowledge of the IB® Spanish exams.

Sevillanas workshop - IB Spanish prep course in Cadiz, Spain

Explorar España con actividades culturales.

  • Gain first-hand experience of Spain’s rich and varied culture by attending our program’s fun-filled cultural activities, such as salsa, flamenco, and Spanish cooking classes.
  • Take a deep dive into Spanish history by going on tours of Cádiz’s many historic attractions, which include Medieval castles and ancient Roman ruins!

paddle class in Cadiz - IB Spanish prep program

Vivir experiencias inolvidables con actividades de ocio.

  • Take advantage Cadiz’s sunny weather and golden-sand beaches with surfing classes, bike rides, and sports games by the sea!
  • Have fun, relax, and make new friends through organized dances, concerts, dinners, movie nights, and tapas nights for you and the other students attending your program.

excursion to Sevilla - IB Spanish prep course

Ampliar tus horizontes con excursiones de fin de semana.

  • Enjoy worry-free, hassle-free travel to other parts of southern Spain and its international surroundings on organized group trips to some of the region’s top destinations—transportation, meals, adult guidance, and tours included!
  • Explore many possible destinations, such as the gorgeous and historic city of Sevilla, the whitewashed village of Vejer de la Frontera, the charming beach town of Tarifa, the ancient Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, the scenic shores of Bolonia Beach, or the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.

IB Spanish students with their family homestay

Vivir en un hogar español de verdad sin complicaciones

  • Feel a safe and secure sense of home-away-from-home by living with one of our programs’ friendly, carefully-selected Spanish host families.
  • Disfruta de todas las comodidades de una casa de clase media. No tendrás que preocuparte ni siquiera de la colada.

Comer como un español con menús incluidos

  • Degusta comida casera española: desayuno, almuerzo y cena incluidos.
  • Prueba los básicos de la gastronomía española, como la paella, la tortilla, las croquetas y el gazpacho.
  • Si necesitas un menú especial, sólo tienes que decírnoslo y lo adaptaremos a tus especificaciones.

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  • Final payment: July 01, 2022


Preparación a la prueba de español IB®


Llegada: 10 de julio de 2022
Salida: 23 de julio de 2022


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Nota: El total se dividirá en 1 depósito con vencimiento hoy y 4 pagos a plazos (con un pago con vencimiento cada mes). El pago final vencerá 8 semanas antes de la fecha de inicio del programa. En el caso de que sea imposible realizar los pagos de 4 cuotas debido a una inscripción tardía, los estudiantes deberán recuperar los pagos atrasados. Vee detalles del plan de pago
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  • 2º installment payment: July 01, 2022
  • 3º installment payment: July 01, 2022
  • 4º installment payment: July 01, 2022


Preparación a la prueba de español IB®


Llegada: 10 de julio de 2022
Salida: 23 de julio de 2022


pre-IB and IB



¿Qué incluye el programa?

Pre-departure consultation - study abroad in Spain
Asesoramiento previo al programa.
Spanish classes - study abroad in Spain
Tres horas diarias de clases de español de lunes a viernes (4 sesiones de 45 minutos).
Class materials - study abroad in Spain
Materiales de clase.

Certificado oficial de participación.
Family homestays
Alojamiento en régimen de pensión completa con familia anfitriona.
Activities - study abroad in Spain
Programa de actividades socio-culturales y de ocio.

Excursiones de fin de semana.
Health insurance - study abroad in Spain
Seguro de salud.

Paseo de orientación inicial por Cádiz

Asistencia y supervisión 24 horas.
airport reception - study abroad in Spain
Recogida y traslados a/desde el aeropuerto de Jerez de la Frontera.

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How will you determine my Spanish level?
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¿Cuánto tiempo libre tendré?
¿Contaré con ayuda y supervisión?
Will I have a chance to meet Spanish high school students or other international high school students?

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