Sevilla: The City where the AP® Spanish literature course comes to life

Testimonial of Francie Sentilles, a former alumna at Centro MundoLengua

I signed up to take the AP® Spanish Literature and Culture course next fall, during my senior year of high school.

As soon as I decided to take the class I became nervous. In an effort to prepare myself for what I am expecting to be a very challenging class, I decided to come to Sevilla and take Centro MundoLengua’s pre-AP® Spanish Literature class. I could not be happier that I made this decision!

This study abroad program changed my outlook on AP® Spanish Literature entirely. It taught me so much beyond the class material. The teacher, María José, is hilarious and energetic. Her obvious excitement about literature rubbed off on my classmates and me. We rapped romances from the middle ages and turned challenging texts like Don Juan into comical role plays, complete with costumes and terrible acting.

preparing the AP® Spanish literature course throuigh theatre
Comical role plays during the pre-AP Spansih literature course in Sevilla, Spain

As much as I enjoyed my time in the classroom, the best part of the pre-AP® course was definitely the field trips. We went out into the city several times to find important literary sites. We walked around Barrio Santa Cruz to find the plaza where Don Juan originated. The program also included a visit to the Palacio de las Dueñas, where Antonio Machado was born.

AP® Spanish literature students visiting the Barrio de Santa Cruz

While we were there, we read his poem “Retrato,” which mentions the garden we were sitting in. I loved seeing how the literature we were studying connected to Sevilla. The way we studied literary concepts in class erased my fears about AP® Spanish Literature, but the field trips actually got me excited about taking the AP® course in the fall. That type of connection to literature can only be experienced by travelling to the place where it originates. I am so grateful that Centro MundoLengua gave me the opportunity to do just that!

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