Here are just some of the advantages of choosing Centro MundoLengua:

  • High academic quality of our customized study abroad programs,
  • Ancillary services such as family homestays, cultural activities, and educational travel.
  • Partnerships with prestigious Spanish universities,
  • Ease of transferability of credits to the home university.
  • Benefits available to accompanying professors,
  • Trusted leader since 2005: safety and security of our students is our top priority.

We have collaborative partnerships with 3 prestigious public universities: the University of Sevilla, the University Pablo de Olavide (also located in Sevilla) and the University of Cadiz

The sooner, the better. Many study abroad advisors and professors plan their trips one or two years prior to the arrival date. You are not obliged to think so far in advance, but it makes much of the work a lot easier. 

Study abroad advisors and faculty staff can get in touch with us and we will help you create a program with classes, activities and excursions that are ideal for your group. You will design your program together with our cultural and academic departments.

Our custom summer study abroad programs in Cadiz last between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the amount of progress your students wish to make in their fluency and comprehension of Spanish. Our custom semester abroad programs generally take place either between September and December or between January and May. Our customized / faculty-led programs in Spain allow for a more flexible time frame that can be completely adapted to the needs of your students.

Your family may be able to take advantage of some benefits and participate in some activities. If you wish to travel with them on the trip, get in touch.

We really appreciate professors that use their personal free time to accompany their students on study abroad programs in Spain, and we understand the challenge of managing large groups. We therefore offer a wide variety of incentives for them:

  • Accommodation with full-board with a Spanish host family, or accommodation without board in a hotel or apartment. Both options can be supplied to professors without charge. 
  • Participation in activities and excursions. 
  • Flights, under certain conditions. 
  • A financial stipend to cover any costs, under certain conditions. 

Eligibility for these incentives is dependent on certain conditions; the size of the group, the date of arrival, the city where the program takes place and the study abroad program in question. If you would like to speak to a member of the Centro MundoLengua team about the benefits and advantages you may receive, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and explain what you are looking for in a study abroad program. 

Of course. You will be more than welcome to assist your students in their classes and activities free of charge. But if you prefer you can also use this time to explore the city however you like. 

We take care of a large degree of the organizational work on your behalf. For example, we will help you to manage payments; each student will be able to make a program payment online. In this way, we relieve you of the need to personally manage large cash sums. The only tasks that you will have to do will be to explain the content of the program to students in order to raise their interest, organize informative meetings with students and parents and help us with a few bureaucratic steps (members of the Centro MundoLengua team can also participate in these meetings either virtually or in person); creating a list of program participants, facilitating the online registration of your students and asking for copies of their passports. 

If you would like, a representative of Centro MundoLengua can be present during an information meeting with your students, either in person, over the telephone or via a videoconference. Likewise it is also possible for us to provide promotional materials; brochures, images, itineraries, posters, etc.

We recommend a minimum of 10 students in a group in order to guarantee participation in all activities. We are able to organize a study abroad program with fewer students, but it might be necessary either for your students to join other groups of students, or for your group to pay a slightly increased price.

Our summer university programs take place between May and August, and as a general rule, our semester programs as previously mentioned take place either between September and December or January and May. You can also travel on alternative dates: in this case, the course will take place in the Centro MundoLengua facilities.

The first requirement is age: participants should be at least 18 years old. For semester programs, the Spanish host university usually requires a minimum average GPA of each student, a letter of recommendation, and a visa for each student (where necessary). Any other conditions will be dependent on the student’s home university.

We receive college / university students from all over the world, but the majority come from the USA.

Depending on the decision taken by the home university, it may be the case that the university takes care of the registration process themselves, or that students are asked to complete registration individually via the Centro MundoLengua website. We advise all academic centers to use our website in order to make the process simpler, quicker and more streamlined.

No. We manage the registration process (in some cases the home university manages the registration process). Under no circumstance can students carry out the registration directly with the Spanish host university.

Generally speaking, the program deposit amount corresponds to 20% of the total program price. However, it can change depending on the program in question. Get in touch with us to find out how much the program deposit costs in your specific case.

Your students will receive confirmation and a contact from Centro MundoLengua who can respond to any doubts you may have. Once participation in the program has been confirmed, all necessary documentation should be sent as soon as possible: copy of the student’s passport, a recent photograph and, where applicable, an academic record, a letter of recommendation and a student visa. Prior to the date of travel, we will keep you completely informed by email in case of any updates related to the program.

Once we have received their deposit, we will send your student portal login details by email.

If you eventually decide to cancel your study abroad program in Spain, you must inform us via email. Please bear in mind that 10% of the total program price is non-refundable under any circumstance. For more details, please consult our legal conditions.

In the case of a completely personalized program, get in touch with us to check if it is possible to make any modifications. The final price depends on the number of participating students that have registered, meaning that if any students choose to cancel their participation, it may result in an increase in cost for the other students.

Chaperone professors have various benefits available to them, meaning that they are eligible to receive free:

  • Accommodation with full-board with a Spanish host family or in hotel or apartment.
  • Participation in professional development workshops, under certain conditions.
  • Participation in activities and excursions depending on the dates of your trip. 
  • Flights, under certain conditions. 

Furthermore, you will receive a financial stipend to cover your costs here in Spain, under certain conditions. Get in touch for more details. 

After having paid the deposit to reserve their space for the study abroad program, the remaining amount should be paid in full at least 8 weeks before the program start date. If your students complete the online registration less than 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the study abroad program, they must complete the payment for the program in full as soon as they receive confirmation of their participation from us. All associated bank charges must be covered by students.

Yes. Centro MundoLengua offers payment plans for college and university students. In any case, the full amount should be paid prior to the beginning of the course. Please get in touch for more information

The quickest and most convenient payment method we offer is debit / credit card payment through our secure website. We also accept payment through PayPal, checks (made payable to Centro MundoLengua) and bank transfers. Remember that once accepted in their program, your students must complete the deposit and pay the remaining balance at the latest 8 weeks before the start date of the study abroad program.

No, not for our college and university study abroad programs. However, you may qualify for scholarships from your home university. Centro MundoLengua can accept these forms of payment.

Generally speaking, they include transfer from the closest airport, academic orientation, tuition, a socio-cultural activity program, excursions, accommodation with a Spanish host family and 24 hour assistance. Get in touch for more information about your specific program.

Flights to and from Spain must be paid for and organized by your students.

It depends on how much they are used to spending! As a general rule, Centro MundoLengua advises a minimum of 100 euros per week for our summer study abroad programs, and between 200 and 300 euros per month for our semester study abroad programs. If your students wish to travel around Spain on their own accord, they should bring a bit more.

For any doubts or concerns, study abroad advisors and faculty staff can get in touch with our director of university programs.

  • For our summer study abroad programs, individual students typically study Spanish language. Customized group programs typically include Spanish language, Spanish literature, Spanish grammar and composition, Spanish civilization, History of Art, etc.
  • For our semester study abroad programs, the subjects that your students have the opportunity to study cover a wide range including: Sociology, History of Art, Biology, Economics, Communication, Literature, etc.
  • Throughout the year, we also organize custom programs according to the interests of your group: Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Exploring Sevilla through community service, History of Sevilla through onsite visits, etc. Get in touch with us and we will find the best way to adapt the program content to your needs.

Maintaining high standards of quality is one of our principal concerns. Many study abroad advisors and professors travel to Spain, enter their students’ classes and interview the professors. We engage in direct contact with the study abroad advisors and directors of the different universities we work with, promoting individual meetings where possible. Centro MundoLengua will also promote the interests of our partner universities, informing the Spanish universities about the specific needs of your students. 

Centro MundoLengua is able to supply the resumé of our professors. For local university professors teaching courses, it is not always possible as this depends on the university’s policies for data sharing.

Yes. Study abroad advisors and faculty staff can get in touch with our director of university programs for more information.

Yes. All of this information can be provided to study abroad advisors and to faculty staff by our director of university programs.

Yes! Our faculty-led programs allow you to teach a class to your students during the study abroad program in Spain.  

  • The timetable of the semester study abroad programs depends on the university, but normally it will be from Monday to Thursday, mornings and/or afternoons.
  • The summer study abroad programs are normally delivered from Monday to Thursday from half past nine in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon, with a half hour break in between.
  • Classes in our customized programs can be organized to fit your needs, from Monday to Friday. 

With our personalized programs, we at Centro MundoLengua adapt completely to your interests and needs. We advise you to let us know as soon as possible so that we can gather all resources needed to achieve this. Please get in touch. 

It is absolutely necessary for university students, as they must complete work at home in order to fulfil the program requirements. In our Spanish school in Sevilla, we have an IT room with computers that is available for students to use if necessary.  

We provide university students who study for a semester with a metro travel card that they can use to get to class. We will provide sufficient journeys for students to get to class. If they use the travel card for any other purpose, they will have to bear any additional costs. The rest of the students will stay close enough to the school/university to be able to arrive to class on foot each day.

Centro MundoLengua is able to offer university credits through our agreements with our partner Spanish universities.

The number and the type of credits that your students will receive for the courses is determined by the home university. We advise you to speak to the corresponding department of your academic institution in order to understand how formal accreditation of your students’ study abroad experience will work before organizing your program.  

In our summer courses, your students will generally receive between 3 and 6 US credits (between 6 and 12 European credits).

In our semester courses, your students will generally receive between 12 and 15 US credits (between 24 and 30 European credits).

Ultimately, the recognition of credits earned is determined by the home university.

Spanish universities cannot publish any official document in any language other than Spanish. If you require it in any other language, you will be responsible for having it officially translated. 

Prior to beginning their classes, your students will undertake a Spanish level test, either online or after their arrival in Spain. The study groups will consist of students with comparable levels of fluency and comprehension in Spanish. 

Generally speaking, we organize and carry out a customized program of activities that can be chosen from our catalogue. The chaperone professor can participate in all activities of their group for free. 

The answer to both questions is yes. You will be able to attend all excursions that your group has organized for free. If you want to explore a specific place at your own pace, you can also do that. Your role as a chaperone professor is basically to represent your college / university in case of any serious problem. 

Of course. Furthermore, we encourage you to do it, because it is a very enriching experience. We collaborate with many non-governmental organizations that undertake voluntary aid work with disadvantaged groups; disabled persons, the elderly, people at risk of exclusion, etc.

Your students will stay with a local host family with either full-board or half-board. If you prefer a different type of accommodation for your students, we are able to arrange alternatives for your entire group. For yourself you can choose between a single room with a host family, a hotel, or a private apartment. 

Our Spanish family homestay program includes two or three meals per day; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This information should be communicated to us during the online registration phase so that we can look for the most convenient accommodation option possible. Our host families are used to adapting the food they prepare in order to accommodate different dietary requirements, but we still need to know well enough in advance if this is the case. 

We are very lucky here at Centro MundoLengua. We work with a range of carefully-selected Spanish host families, and we have considerable experience when it comes to hosting students; we have being doing this consistently since 2005! Our housing director personally visits every house and interviews each family member, while also developing a dossier of the feedback of students that have already stayed with the host family on previous college / university study abroad programs. 

Prospective new Spanish host families get in touch with the housing director for an initial interview. After this first stage, our housing director visits the property to assess the living conditions and to take photographs, as well as meeting and speaking to the entire family that resides at the property. If our quality standards are met, the family will be invited for a final interview. If both parties are satisfied at this stage, the family will sign an agreement that stipulates the host family guidelines so that the homestay is satisfactory for both students and for Centro MundoLengua.

The homes of our Spanish host families are visited every two years from the day of our first visit in order to ensure that our standards are continuously being met.

Furthermore, we constantly evaluate our Spanish host families and respond to the feedback that we receive from students who stay with them, removing host families from our homestay system when necessary on a case-by-case basis. For more information about the selection process, visit our family homestay section.

In the case of your students, it can occur that the host family simultaneously hosts students from other programs. This isn’t unusual and actually works really well. We will never place more than four students together with the same host family, and we will always place students of the same sex together. Centro MundoLengua regularly monitors the homestay situation over the course of the program to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If one of your students is uncomfortable with the amount of students living in the same homestay at the same time, get in touch with us immediately. We will resolve the situation directly with the host families.

If you choose to stay with a local host family, it is possible that you will be living with other adults in the homestay.

Generally, your students will share a bedroom with one other student. All roommates will be the same sex and of a similar age. Study abroad advisors and faculty staff will always be given an individual room. 

The accommodation Centro MundoLengua provides to chaperone professors is located at most 15 minutes from our facility on foot.

For students, our Spanish family homestays will always be located within a reasonable distance from our center where studying takes place.

  • In our summer programs in Cadiz, it will take students around 20 minutes to get to class on foot.
  • In the semester programs in Sevilla, student accommodation will be located close to a metro stop that will transport students right to the doors of the university.
  • In the rest of our customized programs, students will spend a maximum of 30 minutes walking to class from their accommodation, though this commute normally lasts no longer than 15 minutes one way.

If your children are teenagers, they can participate in our study abroad programs for high school students. If they are young children, in July there are summer camps for children nearby. Get in touch for more information. 

International calls are not a problem. As you probably know, you can use telephone applications to contact your family using a wifi connection at no extra cost. No matter what, remember not to use your phone’s data and instead connect to a local wifi network.

The vast majority do. Homes in Spain that do not have wireless internet access are rare.

For small amounts and purchases made in small businesses, yes. In your country of origin you can exchange your local currency for Euros perhaps at a better rate than you will be able to get in Spain, even though the entity you use may take a couple days to process the exchange. Think ahead and consider how much money you will need to bring to Spain. Between 100 and 200 Euros per week is normally more than enough. In any case, the majority of goods and services can be purchased with a credit or debit card in Spain.

Bear in mind that your bank may charge a commission for activity conducted abroad.

Our study abroad programs are delivered in safe cities. We have hosted many students and not once has anything truly serious happened. The cities in which we operate are tourist-friendly and the local authorities do a great job of guaranteeing a safe environment for everybody. Late in the evening when the temperatures cool during the hottest times of the year, everybody goes out into the streets to socialize, to go to the cinema, to share some food and drink with friends…. Because of this, you can always count on there being a large number of people walking around the peaceful streets until early morning, families with small children included. The only thing that we advise is that you take care of your belongings in areas filled with people in order to avoid theft and pickpocketing. This is not common and you shouldn’t worry, but please remain alert and vigilant. 

Each student will be given the number of an emergency contact from Centro MundoLengua that will be reachable 24 hours a day. In Spain you can call the number 112 without charge in the case of medical emergencies or immediate security concerns when there is a legitimate and immediate danger to your state of wellbeing.

Normally professors travel to Spain with an international insurance plan that is provided by the host university. If you desire additional coverage while here in Spain, you can ask us for more information. Students also normally travel with an international insurance plan provided by their home university. 

Your students are adults. The extent of control you wish to exercise over your students depends on you, but it is possible that the home university imposes certain measures on their students.

Of course. In addition to the photos you take, we have an internal photographer at Centro MundoLengua that will accompany you to some of the activities. We will normally send you all images taken of your group approximately one week after the program concludes. If you have any special interest in a specific image (i.e. a photo of yourself in a certain landmark), feel free to communicate such a request to a member of the Centro MundoLengua team. 

You can become a Centro MundoLengua ambassador. Our ambassadors are students or teachers that have already worked with us and who have thoroughly enjoyed their experience who then help us expand our network of contacts. If you would like to get to know more about the ambassador role and the benefits that you could receive after you have finished your program with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.