Study abroad in Sevilla, Spain

Where is Sevilla?

10 reasons why you should study abroad in Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla is for you if

You adore exploring easily navigable cities on foot at your own pace.

You’ve always dreamed of experiencing the intense festivals and traditions of Spain first-hand.

Enjoying a couple of tapas at a reasonable price at any time of day is your idea of good eating.

You are an avid fan of popular TV series and Hollywood films such as “Game Of Thrones” or “Star Wars” (spoiler alert; parts of both were filmed here).

You get as much enjoyment out of the small things, such as the smell of the flowers lining the streets or the gentle flowing of a nearby river, as you do the big things in life.

A good local climate makes all the difference to your experience of a new city.

Exploring one of the largest and most celebrated historical centers of Europe is something you would love to accomplish.

You’re a history buff that feels at home tracing the 2,000 year old footsteps of fellow citizens of Sevilla.

A day on a bicycle is your idea of heaven. Sevilla is surprisingly flat and boasts and astonishing 186 kilometers of cycle paths.

Cities close to diverse landscapes, such as mountains and beaches, inspire you to see as much as possible.

Our ultimate guide to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain

Centro MundoLengua’s “To Do” List in Sevilla

Tapas Tasting Tour in the City Center.

Sevilla is said to be one of the cities with the highest proportion of bars and restaurants per square kilometer in Europe. It certainly feels that way. Take an afternoon to hop from spot to spot, making sure to try some local delicacies as you do, such as croquetas, solomillo or espinacas con garbanzos.

Attend a live Flamenco show at a typical local tavern.

One of the world’s most beloved folk music genres calls Sevilla home, and sometimes the locals here struggle to contain their love for the art form that defines their city. Spontaneous live Flamenco performances can erupt in a crowded plaza or at the table next to yours, as the Sevillano pride and passion become manifest in a fiery combination of song, cheers, claps and guitar strums.

Explore the Delights of the Real Alcázar.

This royal palace is one of the oldest in Europe that is still in use as an official residence by the monarchy, who stay here during visits to Sevilla. The Alcazar showcases contrasting architectural styles from the various eras of its existence; Medieval, Islamic, Mudéjar, Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque – all at the same time.

Reach the top of the 104 meter high Giralda.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site used to be a minaret in Islamic Spain, from where the Imams of old would call the population to prayer after ascending each one of the Giralda’s 35 ramps. Today, the Giralda is used as the bell tower of the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. 11,000 square meters in size, the Sevilla Cathedral is not only impressive to look at, but is also the final resting place of Christopher Columbus; one of the most influential people in the history of Spain.

Discover the most spectacular sunset views at Las Setas.

Another of Sevilla’s landmarks that offers sublime views of the city from above is the Metropol Parasol; the world’s largest wooden structure the straddles the ancient Roman ruins of the city with an observation deck on top that the locals have decided resembles a giant mushroom, hence its nickname.

Browse the freshest produce available at Triana Market.

This traditional market has been built around the ruins of an old castle in one of Sevilla’s trendiest neighborhoods, and consistently offers the best array of high quality local produce anywhere in the city. But not all the perishables traded at the market are consumed at home; the area also hosts an excellent array of eating spots in case you get hungry.

Row your boat gently around the canals of the Plaza de España.

One of Sevilla’s most popular landmarks is also one of its youngest; the Plaza de España is dedicated to each of Spain’s provinces and receives thousands of visitors every single day, and offers a million and one different photo opportunities.

Kayak along the Guadalquivir River.

One of Spain’s most famed rivers cuts through Andalusia and bends around Sevilla. In spite of its size, the Guadalquivir is easily navigable and has become a popular spot for nautical sports. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at kayaking, a few hours spent on the water will give you an entirely new perspective of the city.

Discover the myths and legends of the Barrio de Santa Cruz.

Sevilla’s “Old Jewish Quarter” is a maze of criss-crossing cobbled pathways and narrow streets that seems to somehow transport its visitors back in time. With a surprise around every corner and information plaques all around that tell the outrageous stories of Santa Cruz’s citizens through the ages, it is no wonder that the Barrio has inspired countless works of art, literature and opera, including “Don Giovanni”, “Carmen” and “The Barber Of Sevilla”.

Pull up a seat and simply contemplate the rhythm of the city.

The greatest spectacle to be found in Sevilla is, put quite simply, Sevilla itself; lively characters, incomparable arts and cultural traditions, mesmerizing architecture and beauty packed into every square inch. And at any bustling street, dark tavern or crowded plaza, you have the opportunity to take a front-row seat to watch a one-night-only performance that lasts as long as you like it to.

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