Our Spanish school in Cadiz

Colegio Salesianos facilities

Our Spanish school in Cadiz for middle / high school students

If you would love to study in a genuine Spanish high school, then our Spanish school in Cadiz is the place for you. Language exchanges with Spanish students are possible in this local high school that boasts an unbeatable location 5 minutes away from Victoria beach on foot. This facility contains an academic administration office, spacious classrooms and IT rooms (subject to availability). Furthermore, sports fans are able to enjoy the school’s covered sports hall and open-air sports fields where students can play basketball and volleyball – among other sports.

University of Cadiz facilities

Our Spanish school in Cadiz for college / university students and Spanish teachers

5 minutes’ walk from Genovés Park and the Caleta Beach in the heart of Cadiz is this space that features an academic administration office, air-conditioned classrooms, study rooms, ICT classrooms, a library and a photocopy shop. A cafeteria is also located on campus where you can take a few minutes to relax, and possibly practice your Spanish with a few of the locals.