Participant Rules
Adult Students

1. Activities such as inviting guests to the host family’s home, smoking inside the home, use of the family’s telephone, and, if applicable, use of the family’s internet, must be approved by the family.


2. Program Participants must take responsibility for all personal property; MundoLengua cannot be held responsible for any Program Participant’s personal property that is lost or stolen.


3. Program Participants will not discuss their host family’s private affairs with anyone other than a MundoLengua representative.


4. Program Participants cannot change their host family without permission from a MundoLengua representative.


5. To the extent that it becomes necessary to isolate a Program Participant due to him/her contracting Covid or a host family member contracting Covid, meaning that the Program Participant cannot remain in the original assigned host family home or be transferred to a new host family home and needs to be moved to a local hotel or other similar accommodation, the Program Participant will be responsible for any and all corresponding costs, including but not limited to: Program Participant hotel costs and food costs for both the Program Participant and chaperone that may need to be housed in the same hotel or other similar accommodation for a period of no less than 5 days. At the end of the 5-day period, the Program Participant will need to present a negative Covid test to be allowed to return to the host family. Each incident will be studied on a case-by-case basis and MundoLengua will use its best efforts to either keep Program Participants with their original host family or transfer them to a new host family for the 5-day isolation period or longer, if necessary. The Program Participant will not be responsible for any additional housing costs in the case that he/she remains with their original host family or are transferred to a new host family.


6. The Program Participant is responsible for the cost of any and all Covid tests that may need to be performed for their own benefit.