Summer student, Sabrina, with other AP Language and Cultre students

Student Testimony- How the AP Language and Culture Program Compares to other Leading Programs

Such a fantastic summer! Centro Mundolengua had several student groups and AP teachers join us at our various locations throughout Spain. I got the chance to interview one of our students, Sabrina from Johns Creek High School, to see how our Mundolengua AP Language and Culture program compared with other leading student travel programs. Here’s what she had to say!

What attracted you to the Mundolengua AP Language and Culture program?

I was looking for more of a class-based program where I could really improve my Spanish skills. The other program I traveled through was strictly tourist-based and didn’t allow for much language improvement. With Mundolengua’s program I got completely immersed in the culture and got to experience what it would be like to live in Spain. I also got to travel with other friends from my school as well as go on cultural activities


How was the organization of the Mundolengua program?

I liked how we had class in the morning and then several cultural activities in the afternoon and at night. Everything was well-balanced. If there ever was a problem with one of the activities, the staff made sure to let everyone know the situation and keep things running smoothly. 


AP Language and Culture program students enjoying a bike ride in Maria Luisa Park.

Describe your experience with the Mundolengua staff.

With the past program I traveled with there was a guide with us but I didn’t get the chance to see the other saff who made the program possible. Everyone from the AP Language and Culture program was super friendly and made an effort to get to know us personally. It made traveling through this program even more special because I made good connections with the cultural monitors, the teachers, and the office staff. 


How was the housing accommodation provided to you?

Awesome! I enjoyed getting to know my host family. They treated me like one of their own kids and they helped me improve my Spanish. I also got to taste authentic Spanish cooking. I experienced the culture and native people on an extra level. I wouldn’t be able to experience this from a hotel or some other living situation. 


In general, how does the AP Language and Culture program compare to other international trips you’ve been on?

I learned so much more! I got to do all the typical tourist things and even take classes. Througout my whole stay, everything was well-organized and packed full of fun and exciting activities. Between the host family and the Mundolengua staff, I made personal connections with people and left me feeling like I had a home away from home. I hope to come back to Mundolengua for a University program.


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