Thanksgiving Abroad in Seville

Thanksgiving! One of the hardest parts about studying in Seville for the fall semester is “missing out” on family time during a holiday that celebrates togetherness. At Centro Mundolengua, the program includes a Thanksgiving dinner, so at least you won’t feel like you are totally abandoning your American roots. That said, it won’t feel exactly like home, but studying abroad in Spain offers an excuse to create new Thanksgiving traditions!

1. Take advantage of all the opportunities the study abroad agency offers

Centro Mundolengua bring the USA a little closer to students! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and American flags – you name it! Participating in activates organized through the program allows you not only to enjoy a typical American Thanksgiving, but also to learn about fellow study abroad students’ traditions. When you return to the USA, maybe you can incorporate them into your family’s traditions!
Seville Summer Study Abroad Program

2. Share Thanksgiving with Your International Friends

Showing your Spanish, German, etc. friends Thanksgiving is a good way to teaching them about American culture. All semester you have been learning about European culture, specifically Spanish culture. Have your friends over for dinner! In my flat, I am planning on ordering a roasted chicken (close enough), and prepare other typical Thanksgiving’s Day food.

3. Invite you Parents

Inviting your parents to come visit you while you’re studying abroad is a good compromise that allows you to create new traditions, spend time with family, and hold on to a few familiar memories. Although, classes are usually held on Thanksgiving (because it is an American holiday, not a Spanish one), there are never classes on Friday for study abroad students at the University Pablo de Olavide! The long weekends will allow you to show your family around Seville and maybe even take a day trip to Granada or Cádiz while you celebrate Thanksgiving together!

4. Travel

Finally, traveling on Thanksgiving is another alternative. As the semester comes to an end and project deadlines approach, this weekend could be a good time to make any last minute trips. As stated, I plan on having my friends over to my flat for Thanksgiving Day dinner; however, I have also planned a trip to Ireland. Many other holidays like The Fourth of July and Halloween have achieved global recognition, so you may be surprised what kind of celebration awaits wherever your journey may be.
We hope this advice can help you develop your own Thanksgiving traditions while studying abroad in Spain. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Centro Mundolengua!

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