Ultimate Food Guide to Savour Seville

Embarking on a study abroad journey in Spain offers more than just academic enrichment. It is a culinary adventure waiting to be savored. In the heart of Andalusia lies Sevilla, a city rich in culture, history, and an exquisite gastronomy.

Whether you are delving into Spanish immersion programs or simply exploring the vibrant streets, indulging in the local cuisine is a must. From traditional tapas bars to innovative fusion restaurants, this ultimate food guide in Seville unveils the top dining spots in Sevilla. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and immerse yourself in the flavors of Spain while you study Spanish in Spain with this ultimate food guide and map.

Where to eat in Alfalfa surroundings

Bar Alfalfa (C/. Candilejo, 1). Scrumptious tapas in one of the most picturesque bar in the city center. Wonderful breakfasts. Order “tostada andaluza”.

La Bodega (C/ Alfalfa, 4). A menu full of authentic andalusian tapas.

Bar La Mina (Cuesta del Rosario, 7). An historic place. Perfect to know a place feel as a local. You will be surrounded by them.  Right in front of Centro Mundolengua. Snail highly recommend (seasonal tapa from May to July).

Estrella (C/ Estrella, nº 3). Andalusian recipes. You seat inside or outside.

Sal Gorda (Calle Alcaicería de la Loza, 17). Gourmet tapas with an exquisite plating. Located in the new Sevillian SOHO. Be aware it has a small dining room. Usually crowded.

Juan Palomo (C/. Huelva, 22). Classic Sevillian recipes, 100% Spanish food, next to Plaza de la Alfalfa. Taste its croquetas and potato omelette. Scrumptious.

Bar Kiko. (C/. Herbolarios). Small venue, homemade food and affordable daily menu. Specialty in stews and Spanish dishes.

Carbonería. (C/. Cespedes). Perfect to listen to flamenco, have a drink and enjoy the international atmosphere.

El pan nuestro. (Plaza Jesús de la Pasión). Tapas bar and restaurant.

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Explore and dine around the Cathedral

Mamarracha (C/. Hernando Colón, 1-3). Fresh seasonal products. Meat, vegetables and fish with an extra ingredient. Any of its grilled meats with sweet potatoes is a delightful.

Ovejas Negras (C/. Hernando Colón, 8). Contemporary cuisine deep-rooted tradition. Don’t miss carrillada and salmorejo!

El Pasaje (Pasaje de Vila, 10). Tapas Bar in the city center with a terrace. It is essential to try torta de Inés Rosales.

El Pintón (C /. Francos, 42). Stylish, savour and good taste in a Sevillian patio. Combine avant-garde dishes with traditional ones.

Pelayo bar de tapas (calle Placentines, 25). Wonderful interior design and plating. Ideal location next to the Cathedral. Situación ideal al lado de la catedral. A destacar el tartar de salmón. Highligh: salmon tartar.

Los Coloniales (Calle Fernández y González, 36). They have a branch at Plaza Cristo de Burgos, 19. The best place for a first-time visitor. Traditional Sevillian and Spanish food. Highly recommened: sirloins, tosta de salmorejo and ham or or quail eggs.

Dining in the mere city center of Seville

Torres y García (C/Harinas, 2). New rustic cuisine. Recommendation: BBQ and tamarind chicken wings, pizza with provolone, tartufata y rucula or pork pluma with raddish, mojo picón and baked potatoes with cheese.

Lobo López (C/Rosario, 15). Modern bar with a smart interior and wide menu. Recommendations: croquettes, foie or sirloin with truffle purée.

La Paella Sevilla (Calle Albuera, 11). Specialty in paella. Five different types: from Valencian paella to seafood or fideuá. To take-in or take-away.

La Brunilda Tapas (Calle Galera, 5). Traditional food with alternative touch. Small venue. Mostly crowded. It is not possible to make reservations. Highlights: iberian presa with sweet potatoes, ideazabal cream and pistachio.

Bar El Baratillo (Calle Adriano, 20). Spanish traditional cuisine wiith a modern style. Recommendations: carrillada, shrimp and bacon rolls and chanquetes with ham and pepper (hearty dish).

La Taberna del Arenal (Edificio Cristina, calle Almirante Lobo, 2). Traditional andalusian food. Renowned hearty tapas. Must have San Jacobo and roquefort sirloin.

Bar Arenal Ventura (C/Arfe, 2). Family-owned  business with long tradition, renowned for its tuna escabeche style tapa and its big size mussles. You also can find “montaditos” and a wide selection of iberian cold meats.

Casa Morales (C/García de Vinuesa, 11). 100% Sevillian tavern. Traditional tapas, andalusian wines, local atmosphere just a few steps away from the Cathedral.

Freiduría La Isla (C/García de Vinuesa, 13). Specialty in fried chicken and fish.

Pepe Hillo (C/Adriano, 24). In the core of Arenal area, it has a great bullfighting ambiance.  Great recipes. Theis specialty is bull tail stew.

Bodega de Antonio Romero (C/Antonio Díaz, 19). Classic sevillian bodega with bullfighting atmosphere. Specialty in fried fish.

Baratillo (C/ Adriano, 20). Warm bar, imperative for Cruzcampo beer lovers. and andalusian traditional tapas. Specialty in stews.

La Chalá (Plaza Puerta Real, 6). Fusion cuisine with high quality dishes. Usually crowded during weekends.  Choose calamari or pisto croquettes, pastela or rice.

La Barbiana (C/Albareda). A little corner of Sanlucar de Barrameda in Seville. Large restaurant inside and tapas bar at the front.

Casa Matías (Calle Arfe, 11). Nice place to have a drink and enjoy live flamenco.

Savour the Alameda, the alternative scene in Seville

Antojo (C/Calatrava, 44). Fusion cuisine. Innovative carbon cod.

Dúo Tapas (C/Calatrava, 10). Tapas bar with terrace. Traditional cuisine with a creative touch. Fine quality salmon and tempura vegetables.

Lola por Dios (Alameda de Hércules, 58). Perfect to have a beer and little tapas. Casual andinternational atmosphere, andalusian style.

Al-aljibe (Alameda de Hércules, 76). Fusion cuisine. Cozy and warm terrace.

Arte y Sabor (Alameda de Hércules, 85). Fusion of international and traditional cuisine. Don’t leave the place without tasting goat cheese salad and Moroccan dishes.

Las Columnas (Alameda de Hércules, 19). Pure sevillian hearty tapas. Scrumptious snails.

El Viajero Sedentario (Alameda de Hércules, 77). Cozy cafe-bar with a tranquile terrace and good ambiance. Cakes adapted to special diets and different natural juices.

Gigante Bar (Alameda de Hércules, 17). Wonderful baking and cocktails.  Alpine cake is imperative.

La Sr Pop (Calle Amor de Dios, 55). Comfortable sofas and a little stage for live performances. It works well to have a coffee and cake or to have a beer. Wide variety of milkshakes and juices.

Casa Ricardo- Antigua casa Ovidio (Calle Hernán Cortés, 2). Andalusian food and style, with some innovations. Specialty in croquettes.

Eslava (C/Eslava, 3). Renowned bar in San Lorenzo area, reviewed classic cuisine. Order “bizcochito de boletos” y “cigarro de Bécquer”.

Ocumare (Calle Carmen, 11). If you are a true chocolate lover this is the place to go. A very special place: only opened on Saturdays and Sundays from 16:00 to 21:00, entirely dedicated to cocoa products.

Orfeo (calle Jesús del Gran Poder, 19). Board games and live music performances. Renowned for its cakes.

La Cantina (C/Feria – Mercado de Feria). One of the oldest restaurant-bar in the square. Specialty in fish and seafood.

El Condendê (Mercado de Feria, nave 2 puestos 92, 93 y 99. C/ Feria 98). Fusion cuisine using different eco flours  and delicious stuffing.

Bar Pitacasso. (C/. Calderón de la Barca, 10). Next to the Mercado de Feria, a sevillian bar with specialty in pita bread.

Bar Ambigú (C/. Feria, 47). Traditional sevillian bar with blue tiles and delicious cold meat, cheese a creative dishes.

El Vizcaino (C/. Feria, 27). Beer bar

ConTenedor (C/. San Luis, 50). Slowfood, local and proximity products. Fine interior design. “Presa ibérica”, duck and rice takes pride of the place.

Restaurants: a top reason to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain

Gastronomic overview from Las Setas

El Rinconcillo (C/. Gerona, nº 40). The oldest restaurant-bar in Seville, large dining room. Order cod pavias, cold meats and cheeses.

El Rincón de Tito (C/. Escuelas Pías, nº 10). Distinctive bar in Seville next to Jerónimo de Córdoba Square (interior dining room and terrace).

Perro Viejo Tapas (C/. Arguijo, 3). Passion, food, terrace and much more. Fusion dishes. Don’t leave without tasting burrata salad, ceviche or tartar.

Salsamento (C/. Jerónimo Hernández, 19). A contemporary bodega: vegetables, seafood, cold meats and fine cheeses and wines. All products from Andalucia and Portugal.

Taberna Manolo Cateca (C/Santa María de Gracia, 13). Pure sevillian essence.

El Tremendo (C/. San Felipe, 7). Beer bar.

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Triana sits down at the table

Bar Juan Carlos (C/Febo 6). Specialty in cheese.

Bar Miami (C/San Jacinto 21). Fried fish specialties. Order calamari.

Bar Típico (C/Pagés del Corro 86). Tapas bar

Alboreá (C/San Jacinto, 68). Tapas bar

Bar Estrellita (C/San Jacinto, 104). Tapas bar

Lola Cacerola (C/Castilla, 36). Good food with live flamenco performance. Gascona (C/Castilla, 22). Corner-store where you can eat all their products.

Bar El Embarcadero (C/Betis 69 B). Cafe-bar and cocktails overlooking río Guadalquivir and Torre del Oro

Bar Mundial (C/San Jacinto 4). Ideal to drink coffee or a cocktail.

Lo Nuestro (C/Betis, 31 A). Great place to have a drink and listen live flamenco.

Survive in Seville with your special diet

Gluten-free diet

Al Solito Posto (Alameda de Hércules, 16). Ideal for breakfast and other meals. Its cuisine is handcrafted and mixes traditional dishes with innovation and Italian signature cuisine. Enjoy the best carpaccios, focacces and delicious pizzas, pastas and meats.
Postigo 10 (Alamirantazgo, 10). Unique and exclusive menu: meats, fresh fish, cold meats, bruschettas, scrambled eggs, rice, homemade stews and desserts
Habanita (Callejón Golfo, 3). Healthy cuisine, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, with mediterranean gastronomy with a Caribbean touch and international dishes in the heart of Alfalfa Square.
Ofelia Bakery (Huelva, 5). Cozy venue for breakfast. You can taste exquisite daily baked pastries (cupcakes, cakes and other products) .

Vegan and vegetarian diet

Habanita (Callejón Golfo, 3). Healthy cuisine, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, with mediterranean gastronomy with a Caribbean touch and international dishes in the heart of Alfalfa Square.
Centro Gaia (Luis De Vargas ,4). Eco-vegetarian restaurant. Chemical-free products. Dishes focused on the customer and the planet, applying natural and traditional methods and kitchen tools.
Arte y Sabor (Alameda de Hércules, 85). Fusion cuisine with a wide menu including specialties from Spain and Morocco. You could taste cous-cous, vegetables tempura, spinach salad.
Milk Away (Carlos Cañal, 5). Fresh healthy food and drinks for breakfast and lunch. Wide variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Freshly local organic fruit and vegetable milkshakes and juices. You can find salads, açai bowls and sandwiches.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, also in Seville


Almazen Café (Calle San Esteban, 15). Cozy and international atmosphere, silent, ideal for study or work. French language exchanges organized every Thursday.

Alfonsito. Plaza San Agustín & Pta. Carmona, 1.

Jester (Calle Albareda, 24). Great place for brunch, breakfast or afternoon snack. Tranquile space for working.

Moya Brunch (C/Santa María la Blanca, 20)

El 3 de Oro (C/Santa María la Blanca, 20). Churros

Syra Coffee (C/Álvarez Quintero, 20). Coffee delicatessen.

Cathedral – Santa Cruz

La Canasta (Avenida de la Constitución, 16). Andalusian franchiser in the heart of the city. Popular, high varied and quality products.

Delatribu (Pasaje Andreu, 3). Coffee specialty

Naturalmente Food (Calle Rodrigo Caro, 7). Brunch.

How to survive as a vegetarian in Spain
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Paradas (Calle Marqués de Paradas, 7). Smart design. Bagels and bowls. Highlight: natural juice “revitalizer”.

La señora Pan (C/Zaragoza, 64)

Santa Catalina – Setas

Cacharrería (C/. Regina). Trendy area of the city. Small dining room, highly crowded. Very good breaksfasts and good night atmosphere.

La Mala Brunch. (Plazas de la Encarnación, 17). Breakfast and brunch with a large menu

El Comercio. Breakfast (churros) and lunch.

Manu Jara (C.C. El Corte Inglés – Plaza del Duque, 8): aunque se encuentra situada fuera del casco histórico, la calidad de sus productos (repostería francesa) la hacen merecedora de entrar en esta lista. Es una confitería pequeña, por lo que recomendamos pedir para llevar y tomarlo cerca del río.

Virgen Coffee (C/Regina, 1). Coffee delicatessen.


Otto (Plaza Monte Sión, 8). Modern & cozy cafe with sidewalk tables, serving breakfast dishes, cakes & crêpes, plus coffee.

Quilombo (Calle Peris Mencheta. 6). Brunch, lunch and dinner.

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