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What is the advantage of living with our Spanish host families?

Tasting the true gastronomy of Spain.

In our Spanish host families, you will enjoy two or three daily home-cooked meals prepared by your host family. This will allow you to try countless traditional dishes without wasting time trying out different local restaurants or dipping into your pocket too much. Gazpacho, paella, croquetas, solomillo…. A real culinary immersion!

Practicing your Spanish in the ideal surroundings.

With your Spanish host family, you are guaranteed to have countless opportunities to continue speaking Spanish outside the classroom. You’ll be constantly exposed to the everyday language that is spoken by modern Spaniards at home and in the street – something that will complement the lessons you take in our school.

Integrating yourself in the local lifestyle.

Getting to know the daily rhythm and lives of the Spanish will really help you learn their culture and their language. You’ll become a new member of the family while gaining a clear insight into the reality of Spain today.

Our Spanish host families provide a safe atmosphere.

Our Spanish host families know their surroundings extremely well and can help you get the most out of each day of your experience. Plus, you will always have somebody at home waiting for you and looking forward to hear how your day has been – just like a home away from home should feel.

Forming strong connections with your Spanish host family.

Living with a host family always allows international students to develop stronger bonds with Spain, and in our experience of running the homestay program, many continue to stay in touch with their host families long after they return to their home country!

Personal development.

Residing with people outside of your intimate circle can sometimes be a challenge, but it can also be an opportunity to realize your full potential. Living abroad with one of our host Spanish families will reveal personal strengths and skills that you never realized you had, and the knowledge it gives will allow you to truly become a world citizen.

Host family selection process


A member from the family that is interested in hosting international students in Centro MundoLengua’s programs should first contact us by telephone or come to speak to us directly in our offices.

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Our housing director will undertake an initial interview with a member from the prospective host family in order to communicate our aims and to get a good idea as to whether the family in question is a good candidate to continue to the next phase of the process. At this stage, we may also request external references about the family in question.

Family homestays


Representatives of the Centro MundoLengua team will visit the home of the prospective host family to inspect all the zones inside the house, paying special attention to the bedrooms. Each member of the prospective host family must be interviewed at this phase of the process. Furthermore, we will begin an official written record, which shall contain detailed information, photographs etc.

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The housing director will present all information collected to their respective supervisor. Between the two of them, a decision will be made. If the decision is positive, the prospective host family will be invited for a final interview at the Centro MundoLengua offices, at which time a code of conduct contract will be presented. This contract must be signed and submitted. Families must also submit a police background check prior to hosting any of our students.


During the stay of each student, the housing director remains in constant contact with the host families. Surprise visits can be made in order to speak with the students and to review the current state of the home. Additionally, each student will complete an initial written evaluation of their host family during the first week of their program.

24 hour assistance - study abroad in Spain


Participants in the program will have 24 hour assistance available that they can call to resolve any urgent concerns they have with the accommodation they have received.

Customized programs in Spain


Upon completion of the study abroad period, each student will complete a final evaluation about their accommodation that will be lodged in the host family’s record. This allows us to eliminate any host family that over time fails to keep up to our standards or that proves to be an inappropriate host for international students.

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