Top 10 best tapas in Spain

The best tapas in Spain according to the MundoLengua team

Spain is known throughout the world for its culturally unique style of small portions of food, also known as tapas.

In short, Tapas can be anything from olives to patatas bravas, croquetas, jamón serrano, fish, meat, and anything else you can imagine. 

Going out for tapas is a popular culinary and leisure tradition in Spain.

Are you going to study abroad in Spain? If so, discover 10 of the best tapas of Spain that you should try according to the MundoLengua team! ¡Qué aproveches!

I) Salmojero – by Alejandro

Salmojero - best tapas of Spain

“My favorite tapa is salmorejo. I love the flavor of this cold soup. You can enjoy it throughout the year in the numerous tapas bars. During summer, salmojero is simply excellent to beat the heat and eat healthy.”

II) Tortilla española – by Antonio

Tortilla de patatas - Best tapas of Spain

“My favorite tapa is tortilla española!  It is absolutely exquisite. There are so many different ways of making it: with onion, without onion, with the egg fully cooked or slightly runny. Additionally, there are several varieties. For example, la tortilla Sacromonte contains peppers and chorizo.  You should also  try la tortilla de patatas al whisky, with its unique whiskey sauce.” 

III) Mambrú al caramelo – by Aurore

“Mambrú al caramelo is one of my favorite Spanish tapas. If you come to Sevilla, give it a try in Bodegas Dos de Mayo! The balanced combination of bread, onion, caramel and goat cheese is just fabulous! 

IV) Adobo – by Noemi

“Adobo, will draw you in with its delicious scent. The tapa contains fish, which makes it healthy, and the sauce gives it its decadent flavor. It’s the perfect tapa for all times of the year, I recommend the 100% Blanco Cerrillo variety. It will be calling your name from down the street!” 

V) Boquerones en vinagre – by David

“My favorite tapa is anchovies with vinegar. Although, it doesn’t sound too appetizing, I assure you that there is nothing more savory than this dish. My mouth waters just thinking of the mixture of these flavors!” 

VI) Ensaladilla rusa – by Laura

“I do not usually eat mayonnaise, but I love potatoes. The combination of potatoes with tuna, peas, or carrots is magnificent! I habitually order ensaladilla rusa at any and every tapas bar. Also, I keep a tally of the best ensaladilla rusa bars. Which bars have the best? You will have to ask me!” 

VI) Garbanzos with espinacas – by Mario

Espinacas con Garbanzos - best tapas of Spain


“My mother always used to make this tapa. Whenever I have garbanzos with spinach, it reminds me of my childhood.” 

VIII) Solomillo al whisky – by Nuria

“Solomillo al whisky is one of the most famous and authentic Sevillian tapas. Moreover, you can find it at almost every bar. If you try it and like it, don’t hesitate in asking me for a recipe!” 

IX) Montadito de pringá- by Yaye

Montadito de pringá is a little bocadillo of mixed meat of pork and beef. I like ordering it when dining out with international friends. It´s special not only because of the food, but also the name is purely Spanish. Actually, you will not find la pringá in any other culture. Everything put together makes this little bocadillo something that you have to try!” 

X) “Beans with jamón” – by Stefanie

“Beans with jamón is one of my favorite tapas. It is healthy and flavorful because of one very important ingredient: jamón ibérico. If you are not in Spain and you want beans with jamón, you can substitute jamón ibérico for york ham or bacon. However, it won’t be exactly the same! 

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