study Spanish abroad - University of Sevilla
Spend a full semester in Sevilla, while improving your Spanish & earning credits!
Program Dates:
Spring semester, Fall semester.
Student profile:
Hispanic Studies and Humanities majors. All levels of Spanish.

Study Spanish abroad: University of Sevilla

Always dreamed of studying Spanish abroad but never had the opportunity? Would you love to finally get round to learning a foreign language? And what about living abroad in one of the Europe’s most culturally vibrant cities? A couple more clicks and it’s entirely possible.

With Centro MundoLengua, studying Spanish abroad has never been easier. Our semester abroad programs incorporate first class teaching, life as a true local in the city and the opportunity to earn official course credits (between 12 and 15 US credits or 24 to 30 ECTS credits) – a winning combination that guarantees effective learning with life-changing experiences.

Picture a typical weekday. Your morning walk to campus is lined with cobbled streets, narrow alleyways, magnificent cathedrals and charming, hidden gardens. Your interactive Spanish class takes place in a 500 year old lecture hall made of cool marble, and lunch is spent with fellow students from around the world sampling freshly-prepared tapas under the shade of giant palms. And as the Mediterranean sun glints through the tree tops, you discuss about the excursion you’ll all attend that very weekend – perhaps to colourful Lisbon or enchanting Chefchaouen. Sound good? Then keep scrolling to find out more….


Study abroad in Sevilla, Spain
Live among 2,200 years of recorded history, an architectural style born of the collision of civilizations and spiritual home of many of Spain’s traditions. 
Family homestays
Full cultural and language immersion by living with a local host family.

A full semester at one of Spain’s most prestigious academic institutions, the University of Sevilla.
Spanish certificate - study abroad in Spain
Direct contribution to your final university degree by the earning of course credits during your semester.
Social activities in Spain
Vast range of extra-curricular activities that let you socialize and network with other students.
Safe study abroad programs
Round the clock 24 hour assistance available with the Centro MundoLengua team in the case of any eventuality.


Sevilla may only be Spain’s fourth largest city, but culturally it is the most distinct. This is the spiritual home of a huge number of the cultural traditions that have become internationally associated with Spain, including fiery flamenco music, the mouth-watering tapas dining concept, passionate Sevillanas dancing, daily commutes with horse and carriage and, for right or for wrong, bullfighting. It is easy to understand Sevilla’s rich cultural heritage the moment you lay your eyes on the city itself. Its impressive modern bridges, fading Roman ruins, labyrinthine maze of narrow alleyways, nocturnally lively plazas, intricate Moorish patios and of course the world’s largest gothic cathedral have inspired countless artists, writers, musicians and even a Hollywood director or two.

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The Sevilla Cathedral

One of the oldest of the city’s landmarks is deserving of the first place on this list. The burial site of Christopher Columbus and the world’s largest Gothic cathedral is spectacular to look at both inside and out. Built originally in the 12th century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site located a mere 5 minutes’ walk from Centro MundoLengua headquarters contains a cavernous nave with 80 side chapels facing it, along with Christian artwork from various eras and outstanding ecclesiastical features all around..

The Giralda

And after doing a tour of the cathedral, the logical next step is to climb to the top of the 340 foot tall adjoining bell tower in order to enjoy some of the very best views of Sevilla. La Giralda bell tower functions as a perfect architectural representation of Spain’s past; it used to be a minaret of a mosque located on the site of the current cathedral but was incorporated into the plans of the cathedral after the Catholic conquest of Sevilla in the 12th century. Being unique in almost every way imaginable, La Giralda has become one of the defining images of Sevilla.

The Royal Alcazar

The next stop should always be the Real Alcázar; a 14th century palatial complex featuring exquisite gardens, courtyards, plazas and pools located close to the cathedral. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts some of the finest examples of the Mudéjar-architectural style that Andalusia has become famous for, and a stroll along its inner orange-tree lined patios and exterior corridors never fails to impress.

Barrio de Santa Cruz

It is easy to feel you have stepped back in time inside the Barrio of Santa Cruz. Its narrow alleyways, soaring brick buildings and cobbled streets conspire to keep the hustle and bustle of modern Sevilla firmly outside of its boundaries – while preserving the true feel of historic Sevilla within. The neighborhood known as the “Old Jewish Quarter” has clues and reminders of the lives and stories of its inhabitants throughout the centuries in every direction you look, meaning that there is no place better in the whole city to reconnect with Sevilla’s past than here.

The Plaza de España

The giant semi-circular plaza and its adjoining 100-acre Parque de María Luisa may be a relatively young addition to the city’s landmark list, but since their construction in 1928 they have earned their place among Sevilla’s most popular attractions. The combination of arching fountain, low bridges, shallow canals filled with rowing boats, soaring towers of red brick and tiled alcoves – each one dedicated to an individual province of Spain – were enough to convince the directors of Star Wars to come to Sevilla to film for one of their movies!

Metropol Parasol

Another new addition to city is the Metropol Parasol, known locally as “Las Setas” thanks to their close resemblance to giant mushrooms. The largest single wooden structure in the entire world in fact sits on top of some of the oldest architectural sites in the entire city, and visitors can access the ancient Roman ruins beneath through the Metropol Parasol. But as the sun begins to set, you’ll definitely want to climb to the very top of the structure in order to enjoy some of the most amazing nighttime views that the entire city has to offer.

Other attractions

The above list only scratches the surface of Sevilla’s many attractions. Other highlights include the following:
· The Plaza de Toros, one of the most famous bullfighting rings in Spain.
· Archivo de Indias: another UNESCO World Heritage Site where some of Spain’s most important historical archives are closely guarded.
· The Torre del Oro; a riverside tower built in the 13th century that shines in the evening sun.
· Palacio de las Dueñas; the birthplace of poet Antonio Machado is a 15th century palace, famous for its striking flower-covered facade and its unusual fusion of both Gothic and Moorish architectural styles.
·And more museums than you could ever think possible, including the Sevilla Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, the Flamenco Museum and the Archeological Museum of Sevilla.

Your Campus

study Spanish abroad - University of Sevilla

Few universities in Spain or even Europe can claim to be as prestigious as the University of Sevilla. Initially founded in 1502, the University of Sevilla welcomes approximately 70,000 students through its grand doors, including many international students. While the university has sites and facilities across the whole city, the main campus building is located in a few minutes’ walk from Puerta de Jerez, a popular meeting spot and pedestrian hub in Sevilla’s center. This building is in fact a former tobacco factory. Subtle architectural signs and clues all around its exterior hint at its history, and its magnificent appearance and perfect location transform the normally mundane walk to class into a mini-sightseeing excursion every single day.

Application requirements

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Valid passport with student visa
  • Good academic standing –a minimum GPA of 2.90
  • Official transcript


The University of Sevilla is the ideal host university for any international student with a keen interest in the Spanish speaking world and the language itself. Students studying Spanish at the University of Sevilla attend classes run by either the University’s Faculty of Philology and / or the Faculty of Geography and History.

Attendance in the classes in compulsory and is monitored by the professors. Students are assessed via a variety of different examination methods, and unless stated otherwise, every single course taken by the students earns 3 U.S. credits, or 6 ECTS credits, which means that you can earn a maximum of 15 US course credits / 30 ECTS credits for studying Spanish abroad for a semester!

Students will select 4 to 5 different courses during their time at the University of Sevilla, and the program usually runs from 14 to 16 weeks.

Many courses are taught in English and some are taught in both English and Spanish. Students can choose the language of delivery based on their requirement.

While the courses offered by the University of Sevilla for students at our program are designed for those with an active interest in the Spanish language and the respective country’s culture, no prior knowledge of the Spanish language is necessary.

The University of Sevilla offers a good range of courses that provide a structured introduction to the basics of Spanish, meaning that a semester studying Spanish abroad at the University of Sevilla is ideal for anyone who always wanted to learn a foreign language but never got round to it!

For more information on any course and a copy of the syllabus, please feel free to contact us.

Faculty of Philology – Fall Semester
Faculty of Philology – Spring Semester
Faculty of Philology, Contemporary Hispanic Studies – Fall Semester
Faculty of Philology, Contemporary Hispanic Studies – Spring Semester
Faculty of Geography and History – Fall Semester
Faculty of Geography and History – Spring Semester
Faculty of Geography and History, Contemporary Hispanic Studies – Fall Semester
Faculty of Geography and History, Contemporary Hispanic Studies – Spring Semester


Visiting the Alcazar - study Spanish abroad

Social & cultural activities

  • Centro MundoLengua organizes an activity program designed to complement your Spanish classes by bringing you closer to the core of contemporary Spain during the semester while socializing with fellow students.
  • Social, cultural and recreational activities can include live flamenco shows, Sevillanas dancing workshops, paella cooking classes, tapas nights, language exchanges, kayaking afternoons, cycling tours and many more.
  • Watch centuries of Andalusian history and natural beauty unfold before your very eyes with guided tours to some of Sevilla’s most iconic sites, including the Catedral de Sevilla, Real Alcázar, la Giralda and Plaza de España, the Camino de Santiago and the Itálica Roman Ruins, to name a few.

Excursion to Morocco - study Spanish abroad


  • Why keep the fun only in Sevilla? Our students who study Spanish for a semester typically embark on two multi-day excursions during their time with Centro MundoLengua. Some examples of excursions have included Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Malaga, Lisboa, and Morocco. Staff and guides accompany students during these excursions to ensure safety and convenience.
  • Students studying Spanish abroad at the University of Sevilla for a semester have many weekends free without organized activities at the Centro MundoLengua program. In the past, students often like to use their free weekends to organize excursions of their own. If you decide to do this, the Centro MundoLengua team are happy to provide any tips, advice or information you may need.

Making friends in Sevilla - Study Spanish abroad


  • The fact that you’ll be in constant contact with people from all around the world (not just Spain) gives you the chance to widen your horizons, learn more about the world itself, network effectively and form life-long friendships along the way.
  • Foreign language learning really helps the brain develop existing skills, such as the ability to create and store memories and information, thinking abstractly and stimulating creativity.
  • Anybody who chooses to live in a foreign country, even for just a short period of time, inevitably comes out the other side of the experience a more rounded and more confident individual. Having to solve problems yourself and tackle life head-on can be tough, but it ultimately builds self-esteem and confidence like nothing else can.
  • In the labor market, employers and recruiters are increasingly valuing periods of time spent abroad, such as semesters at a foreign university. A semester at the University of Sevilla can therefore really help make your CV/résumé stand out!

study Spanish abroad with family homestay

Language & culture immersion

  • You will stay with a local host family here in Sevilla in a homestay during your semester, making your time in Spain truly immersive as you interact on a daily basis with a native speaker in a supportive, comforting environment.
  • Our cultural activities bring you closer to the real modern Spanish culture in a way that allows you to appreciate the differences in world cultures, continue to develop your Spanish and having an amazing time as well.

Dates and Fees


Study Spanish abroad: University of Sevilla


Sep 17th - Dec 14th, 2024


All levels of Spanish


See installment payments details
  • Deposit : Today
  • Final payment : July 23, 2024

What’s Included?

Pre-departure consultation - study abroad in Spain
Advice and consultation prior to departure.
airport reception - study abroad in Spain
Airport reception with a representative from Centro MundoLengua and transfer from Sevilla airport.
Orientation walk - study abroad in Spain
Orientation days in Sevilla.

Full tuition throughout the semester at the University of Sevilla (4 or 5 courses – students have the opportunity to earn a maximum of 15 US / 30 ECTS course credits during the semester).

Additional private tutoring.
Spanish certificate - study abroad in Spain
Official transcript of your courses studied at the University of Sevilla.
Family homestays
Homestay accommodation, full board and laundry service with a local family.

A program of social, cultural and recreational activities in groups with other students organized by the Centro MundoLengua team.
backpack icon
2 weekend excursions included (Friday through Sunday).
volunteer abroad
Opportunities to engage in local volunteering projects.
24 hour assistance - study abroad in Spain
24-hour assistance throughout the semester.

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