The top 5 jobs with Spanish language skills

Are you thinking about learning Spanish? Then, here is a reason that might convince you to get serious about it: speaking Spanish opens doors to employment and increase your job prospects! Here is our list of the top 5 jobs with Spanish language skills!

#1 – Jobs in translation and interpreting

To begin with, translators and interpreters are one of the top jobs with Spanish language skills.

In short, the translator role is to translate a written text from one language to another. As for the interpreter, he orally translates from one language to another.

Actually, the needs for translators and interpreters are numerous, mainly in international organizations such as the United Nations, the IMF, or the European Commission. Spanish is indeed one of the official languages ​​of these organizations!

Also, there are many opportunities in translation agencies which offer Spanish translation services.

Finally, many translators and interpreters simply decide to set up on their own and specialize in a specific sector, such as tourism, medicine, literary translation, banking, legal, IT and much more.

The essential skills:

To become a Spanish translator or interpreter, you will need to:

  • Have a perfect command of your mother tongue as well as Spanish;
  • Possess a solid general culture of Spain and Latin American countries;
  • Have attention to detail. A small translation or interpretation error can have serious consequences!
  • Be a curious person;
  • In the case of interpreters, knowing how to manage stress is essential!


#2 – Jobs in Business, Marketing and Logistics

Lingual international business jobs

Here too, there are many opportunities! For instance, some top jobs with Spanish language skills include buyers, logisticians, export managers, marketing managers, etc. Indeed, in our global and interconnected world, companies need Spanish speakers, able to speak Spanish ​​for:

  • Managing international supplies (role of the buyer);
  • Organizing flows and international transport (role of the logistician);
  • Promoting the offer of products and/or services on the international market (role of the international marketing manager);
  • And exporting their goods and services to different countries (role of the export manager).

Speaking Spanish is undeniably a great asset. Indeed, Spanish is the official language of 21 countries. Also, it is the fourth most spoken language in the world after English, Chinese and Hindu. Therefore, if you want to orient your career in these fields, mastering Spanish will be a true asset!

Your Spanish language skills will be highly valued regardless of the size of the company, from SMEs to large multinationals.

The essential skills:

In order to work in one of these positions (in a company with needs for Spanish-speaking staff), you will have to:

  • Have excellent knowledge of Spanish to be able to understand, express yourself and write fluently.
  • Possess good interpersonal skills.
  • Have a keen sense of organization.
  • Be able to adapt to the main cultural differences.
  • And of course, to know how to negotiate!


#3 – Jobs in International Relations

If you want to work in international relations, speaking Spanish can definitely be a big plus, even if the possibilities of employment are scarcer.

For instance, some possible positions include:

  • Embassy staff in a Spanish-speaking country, responsible for representing your country in other countries, ensuring the protection of compatriots and ensuring diplomatic relations.
  • International Relations coordinators, responsible for developing international cooperation agreements in various fields such as education, culture, research, solidarity, etc.
  • Humanitarian project managers, responsible for managing the design and implementation of humanitarian missions.

Positions may be available in local, regional, national and international organizations.

The essential skills:

To work in international relations for an organization requiring Spanish-speaking staff, you will need to:

  • Have an excellent command of Spanish and your native language.
  • Possess a sense of diplomacy.
  • Be flexible to travel!
  • And, of course, be open-minded!


#4 – Spanish teaching jobs

Spanish teacher: a top job with Spanish language skills

This is without a doubt one of the top jobs with Spanish language skills. Actually, many of our students, after their studies in Spain, have simply opted for this professional orientation!

Year after year, Spanish language is becoming more and more popular. All over the world, many new students are opting for this language. Therefore, the demand for Spanish teachers is high in many countries, such as the United States, France, or Germany.

Several possibilities are available to you: teaching Spanish in a middle / high school, teaching Spanish at college / university, or even teaching Spanish in a Spanish school such as Centro MundoLengua!

Required skills:

Being a Spanish teacher is a vocation. This position will be ideal for you if you:

  • Have an excellent knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.
  • Are a pedagogue and you like to teach.
  • Know how to adapt to a variety of audiences.
  • Have patience and empathy!


#5- Tourism jobs

Tourism jobs with Spanish language skills

Finally, speaking Spanish is an excellent opportunity to develop your career in the Hospitality / Tourism sector. Again, the possibilities are endless. For instance, you can work as a receptionist in a hotel, steward or stopover agent for an airline, tourist guide, development manager in a tourist office…

Required skills:

The tourism industry is ideal for Spanish speakers who posess a:

  • Good command of Spanish to be able to welcome, communicate and sell to the Spanish-speaking public.
  • Great sense of hospitality.
  • Ability to adapt to the unexpected.
  • Sense of listening and a great open-mindedness.


Of course, our list of jobs with Spanish language skills is not exhaustive. In fact, there are many other must-speak Spanish jobs.

In conclusion, speaking Spanish is an unprecedented chance to expand your professional opportunities. 

Not yet convinced? There are many more reasons why you should learn Spanish

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